A-dec 500 Dental Chair with Sky Blue formed upholstery


A-dec 500 dental chair provides gentle, supportive comfort that puts your patients at ease for a positive experience that sets you apart. It ensures patient comfort even during long procedures.

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Adec 500 dental chair provides gentle, supportive comfort that puts your patients at ease for a positive experience that sets you apart. It ensures patient comfort even during long procedures. Your A-dec 500 system may include a standard or deluxe touchpad. The standard touchpad operates the chair, cuspidor, and dental light functions. The deluxe touchpad adds functions for electric motors and other integrated clinical devices. Both touchpads provide manual and programmable controls.

It also allows you to get close enough to the patient to maintain a healthy posture, preventing pain and discomfort.

Adec 500 – Experience the luxury – Now even better!

Since its original manufacture in 1196, the A-dec 500 dental chair has set dentistry’s hallmark for treatment room comfort and performance.  WA-dec 500 gives you optimal ergonomics supported by a full range of integrated possibilities, and a chair ride that is exquisitely smooth, you will see why the A-dec 500 is unmatched in its graceful innovation.

The ‘legend’ that is the A-dec 500 dental chair has been redesigned in 2019 and is now known as the A-dec 500B.  Now with a completely new delivery head for traditional hanging or continental, the chair is built to provide even more flexibility for integration in the future.


Highlights of this all-new A-dec 500 Dental Chair:

  • Even better access for the dental team and patient – with the delivery head has a larger reach for preparation behind the headrest.
  • Even greater comfort – new tailored upholstery provides further support but still with an ultra-thin backrest for better patient access.
  • Greater visibility – the new delivery head incorporates a ‘positionable’ deluxe touchpad for precision viewing.
  • Extended reach – the longer instrument tubing on the continental version reduces in-procedure resistance and fatigue.
  • Larger working area – the new delivery can hold up to two trays.
  • LED coolant indicator – now when handpieces are lifted out of the holder, the indicator will show where to replace without second-guessing.
  • One-handed adjustments – grasp the handle and the flex arm brake automatically releases, allowing you to effortlessly position the delivery system with one hand.
  • Increased weight capacity – the new A-dec 500 chair now holds up to 35 stone (227kg).
  • The A-dec LED dental light floods the oral cavity with light. Most dental lights today only provide a light intensity of up to 25,000 lux.


  1. Optimal access. Make yourself comfortable and have everything you need close at hand.
  2. Flexible integration. Flexible architecture with extensive device integration capabilities allows you to configure operating tools as you see fit.
  3. Intelligent control. Customizable with easy navigation. You can add additional tools now or in the future. All in your hands.
  4. Unrivaled comfort. Comfort and a sense of reliable support enhance patient satisfaction.


Dental chair A-Dec 511 with electro-hydraulic mechanism and hygienic seamless upholstery. It ensures patient comfort even during long procedures.

  • The chair position is controlled from the touch panel of the dentist unit, assistant unit, or using a programmable pedal
  • The ultra-thin bendable backrest allows you to comfortably position your knees under the chair without worrying about the presence of a metal backrest, and to comfortably accommodate the patient. The upholstery of the chair is thinner than 25 mm in some places.
  • Double-articulated sliding headrest – for convenience moves in sync with the patient, easily adjustable with one hand.
  • The lift range is 343mm to 800mm, providing comfortable work for clinicians of all sizes.
  • The chair is swivel 30 degrees in each direction, there is a brake.
  • An innovative hydraulic lift system ensures smooth stopping and lifting while positioning the patient.
  • With a virtual hinge that synchronizes the movement of the chair with the patient’s natural movements, you don’t have to adjust the chair after tilting or returning.
  • Integrated 300 W power supply. More than sufficient power supplies the entire system provides lighting and the operation of additional devices.
  • The robust multi-position armrests take the weight of the patient as needed or retract to stay out of the way.
  • Cast iron base with a notch allows the chair to be rolled closer to the patient, provides six points of contact for increased stability on uneven floor surfaces.
  • A contour box for communications is provided.

Assistant unit

  • A long rod with vertical and horizontal adjustment of the positions of the automatic assistant’s instrument holder
  • Saliva ejector and vacuum cleaner 11 mm under vacuum pump, autoclavable water/air/spray gun
  • Programmable touchscreen remote control for a chair, hydro block, and lamp

Valve body

  • Ceramic swivel cuspidor with bowl rinsing and tumbler filling
  • Control from the control panel of the dentist or assistant unit


  • Shadowless diode A-Dec 572L-500 with mount under the chair
  • 4 lighting modes 15,000 / 25,000 / 30,000 lux, composite light mode 25,000 lux with filter
  • Control from the control panel of the dentist, assistant, or lamp

A-dec 500 For Sale

A-dec 500 Dental Chair Features

  • Thin, flexible backrest. The ultra-thin back allows you to work in a comfortable position—legs under the patient, elbows at your side.
  • Double-articulating, gliding headrest. Access angles can make the difference between a long day and a good day. The headrest adjusts on the fly with the press of a lever for an optimal view of the oral cavity.
  • Ergonomic baseplate design. Flip the patient chair armrests out of the way, and the shape of the baseplate allows you (and your team) to roll in closer to the patient and work in a comfortable, natural position.
  • Sturdy, multi-position armrests. Supports patient weight when they need it, and moves out of the way when they don’t.
  • Toeboard tilt. When the dental chair reclines, the toeboard imperceptibly raises a full 9” for a gentle cradling effect. All your patient feels is relaxed.
  • Low base-down point. Allows the doctor, regardless of height, to work comfortably.
  • 60º swivel with brake. Allows 30º rotation on each side of the center.

A-dec 500 Specifications

Base height rangeLow point: 13.5″ (343 mm)
High point: 31.5″ (800 mm)
BackrestUltra-thin 1″ (25 mm) flexible backrest. (Based on formed upholstery.)
HeadrestDual-articulating gliding headrest; lever release
Armrests2-position armrests
Chair swivel60° (30° on each side of center)
Power supply300-watt
Chair controlDelivery system touchpad or footswitch
Lift systemSoft start/stop the hydraulic drive
Upholstery optionsSewn or formed
Load ratingThe A-dec 500 dental chair is rated to 500 lb (227 kg) maximum patient load. The chair is tested to 4X (2000 lb /907 kg) to ensure safety.

ALL A-dec Dental Chair Packages come with a 5-year warranty.

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