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Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence, and evolution. All of these principles are carried through in every detail of the dental unit, resulting in a perfect combination of functionality, durability, comfort, safety, and distinctive aesthetics. It’s a dental unit everyone dreams of

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Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been designed to offer the smoothest possible workflow for the dental team and the most enjoyable treatment experience for patients of all sizes and ages. Ergonomically designed for comfort and safety the Planmeca Compact i5 is ideal for both two-handed and four-handed dentistry. It provides plenty of working space for a dental assistant and offers easy access to suction tubes and other essential instruments.

The practical design solutions of Planmeca Compact i5 make infection control especially easy, as all the essential functions are neatly organized, integrated, automated, guided, and recorded. Thus, a safe environment is guaranteed for both the treatment team and the patients.


Planmeca Compact i5 Benefits:

  1. For maximum durability and strength, the base material used in the dental unit is aluminum
  2. The Planmeca Solanna operating light provides clear visibility in all areas of the treatment area
  3. The smoothness and range of motion of the instrument console arm provides a highly ergonomic workflow
  4. The Planmeca PlanID identification system allows access to the personal settings of the unit with a quick touch of the card
  5. Intuitive touch panel with user support in 25 languages
  6. Plug-and-play tools for easy sharing
  7. LED indicator shows the status of cleaning procedures and can be adjusted to any upholstery color
  8. All the main functions of infection control are compactly located in the compartments of the hydraulic unit of the unit
  9. Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner can be used with other doctors and shared like any other instrument
  10. The floating chair provides free legroom for both the doctor and the assistant
  11. A wide range of chair height adjustments allows comfortable working in different positions
  12. Two premium upholstery options in a wide range of vibrant colors
  13. Foldable footrest makes it easier for patients to get in and out of the chair
  14. The foot control can be freely positioned and used to control all the necessary functions

World-Class Dental Care Units

Planmeca dental care units have been designed to provide the best possible treatment experience for patients and clinicians alike. Each dental care unit Planmeca manufactures is of the highest level and offers features and benefits to meet the needs of clinics of all sizes. We also offer high-quality accessories to pair with our units.

Planmeca’s Compact i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence, and evolution. All of these principles are carried through in every detail, making Planmeca Compact i5 an ideal unit to select for your practice.

The Compact i5 design is user-centric. The design language is one of compact and efficient ergonomics from its small form factor, that can easily accommodate us tall Aussies, up to 185kg in weight.

Key elements in design talk to the challenges we face today in advanced infection control such as;

  1. Chair design with smooth finished high gloss powder coat, facilitating cleaning, color stability, and longevity due to its predominately machined aluminum substrate.
  2. Automatic infection control features such as suction line cleaning, choices in waterline hygiene (manual or automatic), and integrated hands-free cleaning productivity aids.
  3. Design with color-coded elements and sterilizable components, enabling environmentally kind reprocessing. If the practice protocol is single-use/barrier, you’ll find that all handles and control surfaces are well designed to facilitate barrier products and bags.
  4. Unparalleled patient comfort, doctor and assistant’s access, and a choice the standard fixed or upgrade to the knee break legrest. Whichever you choose our standard patient chairs are fitted with UltraRelax™ memory foam upholstery, setting the standard of excellence in patient comfort.

A Safe Investment In Your Future

planmeca compact i5


Purchasing for the future is a hallmark of Planmeca owners. Your Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit is guaranteed to have a long life span: it has been built so that it can be upgraded with new features and improvements at any time. This makes it a truly future-proof investment, with countless unique options to always choose from to match your ever-evolving preferences and needs.

Available right now features such as:

  •  Planmeca Somia Intra Oral Camera
  • Solanna Vision Operating light 3D 4K camera’s and microphone for records and patient education
  • Planmeca Emerald S Scanner CAD-CAM integration
  • Clinic Management recording of unit processes for QA
  • RFID for tracking operator and unit usage – quick set your chair preferences
  • Integrated and automated waterline and suction cleaning and process recording
  • Upgradable software to bring new functionality touch screen
  • Apex locating endo from Morita a leader and innovator in the endo space

Planmeca’s Compact i5 Series Dental units can be provided in the following delivery styles:

  • Over the patient balanced
  • Over the patient hanging tube
  • Side delivery with hanging tube
  • Mobile Cart

All delivery styles have an ambidextrous option to ensure that should you practice has a left-handed operator the benefits of Planmeca ownership can be shared.

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