Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 Panoramic Dental Imaging

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Explore the Planmeca ProMax 2D, a leading dental imaging system offering unparalleled clarity and versatility. Ideal for dentists seeking accurate diagnostics and efficient patient care, the ProMax 2D combines high-resolution imaging with a user-friendly design. Elevate your dental practice with this innovative technology.

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The Planmeca ProMax 2D is a comprehensive dental imaging system known for its versatility and advanced imaging capabilities. The Planmeca ProMax® 2D S3 is a complete imaging center that sets the benchmark in panoramic and cephalometric imaging. This unit is designed to handle the demanding needs of modern-day radiology.

An evaluator from Vancouver, BC, with 20 years of experience who noted that the ProMax 2D 3S is much better than similar imaging units, said, “[The product] increased staff efficiency, [provided] consistent imaging, [and provided the] ability to easily take 3D images.” An evaluator with 38 years in practice added, “[The ProMax 2D S3 is an] excellent machine [that offers] great workflow in the office.”

Leticia Martinez, DDS – Chicago, IL

This unit offers Planmeca’s True Extraoral bitewings, pan segmentation, linear tomography, sinus, TMJ, and AutoFocus technology for exceptional diagnostic imaging. Equipped with advanced features such as Dynamic Exposure Control (DEC), this intelligent unit adjusts exposure values based on the patient’s anatomic structure and bone density. Lastly, the Planmeca ProMax® 2D S3 can easily be upgraded to 3D at any point.

Planmeca ProMax 2D is a complete unit for maxillofacial imaging. Their design and operation principles are based on the latest scientific research and technological innovations. The units can fulfill even the most demanding 2D panoramic dental imaging needs.

Planmeca ProMax S3 – The S3 offers the flexibility to upgrade your current imaging capabilities to software for optimal imaging workflow and provides cost-efficient imaging that can grow with your practice.


Key Features of the Planmeca ProMax 2D

  • Superior Imaging Quality: Highlight the system’s ability to produce high-resolution images, essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The clarity and detail offered by the ProMax 2D can help identify issues that might be missed by less advanced equipment.
  • Versatile Imaging Options: Discuss the range of imaging options available, including panoramic, cephalometric, and TMJ imaging, making it a versatile tool for various dental applications.
  • User-Friendly Design: Emphasize its ergonomic design, which ensures ease of use and patient comfort. This is crucial in reducing patient anxiety and streamlining the imaging process.
  • Advanced Software Integration: Mention the integration with advanced software for image analysis and management, facilitating a smoother workflow in dental practices.

Our three-joint (SCARA3) model for all imaging needs panoramic, true extraoral bitewing, TMJ, and sinus imaging.

  • Panoramic imaging
  • Cephalometric imaging, scanning
  • Cephalometric imaging, one-shot
  • True extraoral bitewing
  • TMJ imaging
  • Sinus imaging
  • Child mode
  • Autofocus
  • 3D upgradeability
  • Robotic technology, three-joint model (SCARA3)

Open patient positioning


The open-face architecture of Planmeca ProMax offers an unrestricted view that helps you position patients accurately. This can be done either using the unit’s autofocus feature or manually, with a triple laser beam system accurately indicating the correct anatomical alignment points.

User-friendly control panel


With an interface that guides users through their work, Planmeca ProMax 2D panoramic dental imaging units always support a smooth imaging experience. Pre-programmed sites and exposure values for different image types and targets both save time and allow you to focus on your patients fully.

Adjustable focal layer


Based on scientific research, the imaging geometry matches the shape of the focal layer with the patient’s anatomy – resulting in clear panoramic images. Select the shape of the focal layer from the graphical user interface according to the size and shape of the patient’s jaw.

Automatically adjusted exposure values


Our unique digital Dynamic Exposure Control (DEC) feature automatically adjusts the exposure values for each patient based on their anatomic structure and bone density. DEC improves the quality of 2D panoramic and cephalometric images with consistent brightness and contrast.

Robotic arm technology


Due to patented SCARA technology, our Planmeca ProMax units can produce all the required movements for rotational maxillofacial imaging. The Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm guarantees an anatomically accurate imaging geometry, resulting in clear, error-free images.


Perfect panoramic images with Autofocus


Our Autofocus feature for Planmeca ProMax® 2D S3 helps to guarantee consistently high panoramic image quality. It automatically positions the focal layer by using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors. This dramatically reduces the need for retakes and guards the patient from unnecessary exposures.

Fully upgradeable from 2D to 3D


Planmeca ProMax 2D panoramic dental imaging units have been designed with upgradeability in mind. Their modular structure allows easy conversion to different imaging modalities. Whether upgrading your 2D unit to 3D or adding a cephalometric arm, Planmeca has the right solution.

Why Dentists Should Choose the Planmeca ProMax 2D

  • Diagnostic Precision: The high-resolution imaging capabilities lead to more accurate diagnoses, enhancing the quality of patient care.
  • Efficiency in Practice: Its ease of use and versatility in imaging options streamline dental procedures, making the practice more efficient.
  • Patient Comfort and Safety: The ergonomic design and quick imaging process enhance patient comfort, while the system’s optimized radiation doses ensure patient safety.
  • Long-term Reliability: Planmeca’s reputation for producing durable and reliable equipment makes the ProMax 2D a wise long-term investment for any dental practice.

Applications in Dental Clinics

Detail how the Planmeca ProMax 2D is used in various dental settings:

  • General Dentistry: For routine dental examinations and diagnosis.
  • Orthodontics: In planning and monitoring orthodontic treatments.
  • Oral Surgery: For preoperative planning and postoperative assessments.


Conclude by reinforcing the Planmeca ProMax 2D’s role in advancing dental imaging and patient care. Emphasize its combination of high-quality imaging, user-friendly features, and versatility, making it a valuable asset in modern dental practices.