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Veraview X800 Dental 3D X-Ray

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The Veraview X800 is an all-in-one dental X-ray unit that produces stunning images for panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT evaluation.

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Veraview X800 is a multifunctional x-beam unit with 3D, all-encompassing and cephalometric capacities. Upgraded, the X800 is stacked with useful, unique, and refined highlights that produce dazzling pictures for a careful assessment.

Veraview X800 offers dynamic innovation that consequently sets the ideal x-beam bar point, flat for 3D or raised 5 degrees for 2D all-encompassing pictures. By moving the level board locator, the pillar is balanced. This slight upward projection for all-encompassing imaging takes out the shadow from the base of the skull and hard sense of taste, diminishing curios in the picture.

Moreover, by setting the shaft flat for 3D, mutilation is stayed away from and prostheses relics are decreased. In this manner, X800 naturally changes with set the best conditions for both picture types. Picture clearness has likewise been upgraded with a voxel size of only 80 micrometers, and goals of 2.5 LP/mm, the most abnormal amount of any Morita multi-utilitarian unit to date.



Veraview X800: The new top class of X-beam mix frameworks

Outstanding image quality in 2D and 3D

The unique image quality of the Veraview X800 in 2D and 3D gives you the safety to make a precise diagnosis even in the most challenging cases and to choose the best possible treatment.

Choose between 360º and 180º scanning

The Veraview X800 gives you a choice between 360º and 180º scanning for CBCT images, according to indication and purpose.

11 Fields of View (FOV) to choose from

The Veraview X800 offers 11 areas of view covering an extensive range of clinical signs.

Brilliant panoramic images due to groundbreaking automatic image optimization functions, based on real data

A distinctive feature of the Veraview X800 is its groundbreaking automatic image optimization functions, using real data. They guarantee brilliant panoramic images with the highest contrast and consistently high resolution – for a precise diagnosis and successful treatment planning.

Innovative dose reduction features for panoramic images

MORITA is a pioneer in reducing the radiation dose of X-ray systems. The Veraview X800, therefore, offers a variety of innovative and effective functions even for panoramic images.

High-Quality Cephalometric acquisition with up to 100 kV

For cephalometric images, the Veraview X800 combines excellent image quality with high acquisition speed and significantly reduced the dose. The 100 kV tube voltage produces high-class images. At the same time, the high resolution of 96 μm makes it easy to find tracepoints.

3D-Dental Arch Function (3D Reuleaux FOV) 

Within the 100 mm diameter exposure range, MORITA’s unique 3D system replaces the typical cylindrical shape with a convex triangle shape – the Reuleaux. The generated unparalleled FOV encompasses the entire dental arch (with the upper jaw and lower jaw) and simultaneously excludes all other areas of image acquisition, that is out of interest.
The benefit of this MORITA-exclusive function: Imaging of the entire dental arch can be achieved with less X-ray dose.

Award-winning design and face-to-face positioning of the patient

The Veraview X800 has received one of the highest awards for its design – the IF Gold Award. The design quality is not only expressed in the appearance of the Veraview X800 but also its functionality.



Field of view (FOV) choice has likewise been improved. The X800 covers a full scope of eleven sizes, the biggest of which permits a sweep of the whole jaw area. This model similarly offers Morita’s select 3D Reuleaux Full Arch FOV. By firmly coordinating the state of the characteristic dental curve, this notable FOV decreases portion by barring regions outside the area of intrigue.

Additional understanding security highlights incorporate Morita’s one of a kind zoom recreation. In the wake of taking a picture with a voxel size of 125 μm, reproduction can be acquired for higher goals of 80 μm without rehashing the sweep, in this manner sparing the patient from pointless retakes. Also, two 3D presentation modes offer more control and adaptability with a 360° or 180° turn.

Exceptional Image Quality for Both 2D and 3D Images: The unusual picture nature of the equipment in 3-D and 2-D gives the security to make an accurate analysis.

Pick somewhere in the range of 360º and 180º scanning: The Veraview X800 permits you a 360º filtering with the most extreme decrease of ancient rarities and clamor. A 180º screening is additionally conceivable, with a lower portion and shorter presentation time. This allows picking the ideal harmony among goals and piece, contingent upon the sign and goal.

Panoramic Scout for pictures of constrained zones  With its elite Panoramic Scout work, the Veraview X800 likewise enables you to effectively and dependably characterize and set the correct target zone for little field CBCTs. As a reason for this, you utilize a current display picture. On the PC, select the locale being referred to and mark it with a little square. At the pinch of a catch, the gadget naturally moves to the right position and is prepared to secure the CBCT picture.

The advantage for you: You make the picture tranquil and immediately in the area you are keen on. The benefit for your patient: A lower portion because of the constrained zone and furthermore less pressure when taking the picture.

Key Features:

  • Superior image quality in 2D and 3D imaging for precise diagnosis even in the most demanding cases
  • Choose between 360° and 180° scanning; balancing artifact reduction and dosage according to needs
  • Eleven fields of view, according to indication
  • Panoramic Scout: easy and precise selection, positioning and exposure for a limited field CBCT
  • Innovative functions for automatic dose reduction according to the patient (e.g., children) and exposure areas
  • Unique features of image optimization based on real data for even higher quality 2D images
  • Face-to-face positioning of the patient


You can choose between two different models: The 2D/3D imaging system or the 2D/3D and ceph system. On both models, you have a 3-year warranty.

Veraview_X800_P-versionConfiguration of  Veraview X800 P-version

  • One built-in panoramic and 3D sensor
  • 1 Capture Box
  • One i-Dixel software
  • One chin rest
  • One bite plate
  • One lip-nose-rest
  • One small base
  • One wall fixing plate

Veraview_X800_CP-versionConfiguration of Veraview X800 CP-version

  • One built-in panoramic and 3D sensor
  • 1 Capture Box
  • One i-Dixel software
  • One chin rest
  • One bite plate
  • One lip-nose-rest
  • One small base
  • One wall fixing plate


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Veraview X800 Dental 3D X-Ray


NameVeraview X800Veraview X800
Order SelectionF40 / F80* / R100 / F150F40 / F80* / R100 / F150

AC 120V 60Hz

AC 220 / 230 / 240 AC voltage; 50 / 60Hz

AC 120V 60Hz

AC 220 / 230 / 240 AC voltage; 50 / 60Hz

Power Consumption

2.0 kVA2.0 kVA
WeightApprox. 185 kgapprox. 220 kg
X-ray Tube Voltage60–100 kV (depending on exposure mode)60–100 kV (depending on exposure mode)
X-ray Tube Current2–10 mA (depending on exposure mode)2–10 mA (depending on exposure mode)
Nominal Focal Spot0.50.5

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    Veraview X800 is a multifunctional x-beam unit with 3D, all-encompassing and cephalometric capacities.

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