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XIOS XG Supreme Intraoral Sensors

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XIOS XG Supreme World Class: the Image Quality of the New Intraoral Sensors. Make the choice now for modern intraoral radiography, optimal workflow, and a high return on investment! Enjoy every day. With Sirona.

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XIOS XG Supreme Sensor is a modern device specially designed to provide advanced intraoral X-ray with highest accuracy and comfort. The product contains cesium iodide layer which ensures superior quality images with a practical focus. The WiFi feature of the device facilitates the easy wireless transmission of the pictures with excellent efficiency. The easily changeable cable is also an additive feature of the device. Highly suitable for the multi-chair clinic.

The new XIOS XG Supreme Sensors facilitate modern intraoral x-rays at the highest level. This is provided by the outstanding image quality thanks to the cesium iodide layer and dynamic focus. But it is also the WiFi option, which facilitates workflow with wireless image transfer, and the easy-to-change cable that take the XIOS XG Supreme to the lead position.


What is responsible for the new image quality?

XIOS XG Supreme is equipped with a special CsI scintillator material. In combination with the CMOS-APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology, it provides particularly low noise and high contrast images. Now dentists can also use dynamic focus to configure the sharpness, brightness, and contrast individually for four diagnosis settings, saving you a lot of time with future diagnoses. Experience this great new feature with our simulator below.

Brilliant image quality

  • CMOS-APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology
  • Pixel size: 15 μm
  • Sensor resolution: 33.3 lp/mm
  • Cesium iodide scintillator (CsI)
  • Dynamic Sharpen Slider with four diagnosis buttons

Optional WiFi module for wireless image transfer

  • The handy wireless WiFi module allows you to use a sensor in multiple treatment rooms
  • 360° freedom of treatment
  • Transmit images in just seconds
  • Change sensor size quickly
  • Newest RFID technology* for reliable data mapping

xios xg supreme intraoral sensorsXios XG provides industry-leading image quality. That kind of superior image quality alone can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance. Backed by expansive system choices, image enhancement capabilities and a leading service and support team, Xios XG could very well change the way you and your patients see your entire practice.

The Xios XG sensors integrate seamlessly with the Dentsply Sirona X-ray units and software to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics.

  • Powerful and reliable images
  • Three sensor sizes
  • 3 cables lengths
  • WiFi or USB connectivity USB Connection
  • 33lp/mm theoretical resolution
  • DIY cable replacement should it get damaged


  • CMOS-APS Technology (Active Pixel Sensor) which offers high contrast images and minimal interference
  • Pixel size: 15μm
  • Sensor resolution: 33.3lp/mm
  • CSI – Cesium Iodide scintillator
  • Dynamic Sharpen Slider – allows you to adjust individual settings, sharpness, brightness, and contrast for four diagnosis types
  • Wi-Fi Module – allows freedom of treatment in more than one room
  • The image is transmitted in a few seconds
  • Change sensor size quickly
  • Easy cable replacement
  • Optional: Newest RFID technology for reliable data mapping

The external dimension of the three sensor sizes:

  • Size 0: 23.6x32x7.5mm
  • Size 1: 25.4×38.3×7.5mm
  • Size 2: 31.2x43x7.5mm

XIOS XG Supreme Packaging

  • XIOS XG Supreme Wi-Fi – 1 piece
  • RVG Sensor with cable (Size 1)
  • Software CD/Pendrive
  • Instructional Manual
  • FREE Dentsply XCP Holder Positioning Kit

Reference Library

XIOS XG Supreme Brochure

User Manuals

User Manuals

Sirona Xios XG Supreme Care & Cleaning Guide
Sirona Xios XG Supreme Full User Guide
Sirona Xios XG Supreme Quick User Guide

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    XIOS XG Supreme Sensor is a modern device specially designed to provide advanced intraoral X-ray with highest accuracy and comfort.

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