Carestream CS 3800 Intraoral Dental Scanner


Carestream CS 3800 offers your patients an efficient scanning experience with perfect recording speed, an enlarged field of view, and impressive depth of field.

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Carestream CS 3800 is one of the lightest, most compact, and most reliable wireless scanners on the market. Its slim, cordless design, developed in collaboration with Studio FA Porsche, ensures that the CS 3800 lies better in the hand and offers the user greater convenience during the scanning process.

With the field of view (FOV) enlarged to 16 mm x 14 mm and the depth of field of 21 mm, it offers various new possibilities and, as the new top-of-the-range scanner model, Carestream Dental’s portfolio of intraoral scanners, which also includes the CS 3700 and the CS 3600 includes. Thanks to their intuitive user interfaces, all three scanners are ideal for doctors who want to digitize their workflows.

Scan easily, quickly, and wirelessly with Carestream CS 3800

Scanning has never been so easy and precise – perhaps your most helpful assistant, capable of efficiently and successfully designing digital work processes in connection with the new version of the CS ScanFlow software. Freedom without limits – implantology, orthodontics, even entire toothless jaws can now be digitally recorded.

Carestream CS 3800 offers you another opportunity to build trust with referrers, improve patient communication, take on new case types and thus generate new sales for your practice.

The CS 3800 paves the way to absolute freedom with all the possibilities of a real end-to-end workflow. The powerful software of the CS ScanFlow 1.0.4 scanner includes indications for restorations, implant-based restorations, orthodontics, sleep splints and, with the latest software version, also for dentures. This enables doctors to treat more patients with a wide variety of clinical needs.

In addition, the Carestream CS 3800 represents the entry into an open and flexible ‘digital ecosystem’ that offers users the freedom to select the components and partners that best suit their preferred workflow. “Today it’s all about the ‘connected practice’ that enables clinicians to combine devices, software, data and partners into an endless number of possible workflows,” said Ed Shellard, chief dental officer at Carestream Dental.

What’s new

The Carestream CS 3800 has a new sensor technology. This enables an improved depth of field of 21mm. The improved device software and the new hardware components also promote the recording speed. This could again be reduced by 20 to 40 percent.

Freedom at your fingertips

Freedom at your fingertips

Enjoy a fluid scanning experience with the new high-performance wireless CS 3800 intraoral scanner. The result of our ongoing collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the CS 3800 is designed for a more precise, comfortable and faster scanning experience.

Wireless performance

Wireless performance

One battery charge gives a whole hour of continuous scanning capabilities, and with extra batteries and a back-up power cable*, you’re always prepared. The charging station also doubles as a mount for the scanner in horizontal and vertical positions.

Ultralight and ergonomic

Ultralight and ergonomic

Compact and elegant, the CS 3800 weighs in at just 240 grams. Combined with an ideal balanced leverage point, this ensures maximum comfort when holding and maneuvering the scanner.

High scan speed


A larger field of view and deeper depth of field with more frames per second, and an optimized algorithm, make it our fastest intraoral scanner yet. This improves the experience for user and patient.

Unlock the potential of every image

Unlock every image

CS ScanFlow software provides you with unlimited versatility, scalability, and workflow capacity. Scan faster and use one-click export to pursue any indication from the base scan or immediately share HD impressions with patients. The possibilities are endless.

Use data where you need it


The data you acquire with your intraoral scanner integrates seamlessly with other Carestream Dental software and third-party software so it’s easier to accomplish clinical targets and improve patient outcomes.

The Scanflow Premium software is also new. The optional premium upgrade brings the following features:

  • Prosthesis mode: scanning edentulous jaws
  • Anti-reflection mode
  • Smart Position mode
  • Brightness / color adjustment for better reproduction for the patient
  • Automated design and export of 3D models for internal 3D printing
  • Scan can be saved as an MP4 file
  • Digital creation and transmission of impression scenes to encourage patient involvement from the start of treatment
  • Automatic quadrant snapshot and report
  • 5-bit capture function
  • Hybrid scan mode for each modality


  • High performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility and seamless user experience
  • One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
  • Faster and smoother scanning thanks to a larger and wider field of view and a deeper field of view
  • Full control of the intraoral possibilities right in the handle
  • Ergonomic design by Studio FA Porsche

Enjoy the benefits of a digital workflow in the following areas:

  • Restorations
  • Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Assistant prostheses
  • Sleep dentistry

Technical specifications

  • Fast and fluid scanning
  • Ultra-lightweight with only 240g including battery
  • Slim, compact and ergonomic design by Studio FA Porsche
  • Multi-function button
  • Wireless freedom: scan for up to an hour
  • Extended field of view and increased depth of field
  • Open system – no license fees
  • Automatic tooth color detection
  • Intuitive software CS Scanflow Basic
  • Intelligent matching system
  • Can be used powder-free
  • Data output in .STL and .PLY format
  • VDDS interface
  • Battery life: one hour (battery can be changed)
  • Improved depth of field: 21mm
  • Field of view: 16mm x 14mm
  • Powder-free system
  • Live matching
  • Very low-noise thanks to new sensors
  • Optimized scan flow
  • Improved edge display
  • Three scanning tips / attachments available
  • Fog protection through airflow
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours to 100%
  • Recognition of the tooth color
  • Designed by Studio FA Porsche
  • Incl. CS Connect
  • Direct cable connection possible
  • Can be combined with CS Imaging (VDDS interface to practice software)
  • Optional: CS Protect (5 year guarantee)
  • Optional: disposable tips
  • Optional: Scanflow Premium (e.g. acquisition of edentulous jaws)
  • Optional: high-performance notebook
  • Optional: instruction, on-site training, support

The Scanflow software version, which is supplied as standard, also checks after each scan which jaw areas or tooth areas need to be re-scanned in order to obtain an optimal result.

Since the software only adds and adds the scanned areas, a complete new recording is not necessary. This is particularly helpful in patients with an increased gag reflex, for whom it may be necessary to stop the scanner more frequently.
If there are still smaller “gaps” at the end of the scanning process, the supplied software recognizes this and automatically recalculates them. Scanning again is not necessary.

CS 3800

Some more features of the oral scanner:

  • With the intelligent shade determination you can determine the tooth shade digitally.
  • The color rendering can be activated or deactivated as required.
  • The hybrid scan function enables you to combine the impression with the intraoral 3D jaw exposure.

We recommend the CS Protect extended warranty:

With the CS Protect you receive a guarantee extension to 5 years. In this way you can protect yourself against unexpected additional costs.

Workflow optimization – perfect integration into the practice software

In combination with the CS Imaging software, you can call up the recordings directly via the VDDS interface via your practice software and start evaluating the scans immediately.

Who will take care of the jaws?

Since the impression is an essential component for an optimally fitting denture, it is often carried out directly by the dentist.
Since the digital dental scan can be checked directly, you are free to decide whether you want to take the impression yourself or delegate it.

Save taxes thanks to investment deduction and special depreciation – also applies to dental practices

In the case of cash purchases in particular, the question of depreciation arises.
Currently – thanks to the adjustment of the investment deduction amount – 50% of the acquisition costs can be reserved and thus deducted in the year before the acquisition. In the year of acquisition, an additional 20% is possible as a special depreciation on the remaining book value.

Obtain state funding for intraoral scanners

Dental technicians can sometimes get funding for the purchase of an intraoral scanner. The state pays – depending on the federal state – up to 50% of the acquisition costs. Please do not hesitate to ask us. We will check whether you are eligible for funding.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Powerful notebook (i7, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce RTX3060, 15.6″ Full HD)
  • CS Scan Flow premium version
  • CS Protect for CS 3800 + 3 years
  • Installation with training and delivery, incl. 12 months support
  • Battery charging station
  • power cord & power supply
  • normal tips (5 pieces)
  • narrow tips (5 pieces)
  • side tips (5 pieces)
  • Wi-Fi dongle

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