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Soprocare Acteon Digital Intra-Oral Camera


Soprocare Acteon concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

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Soprocare Acteon concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office. SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation.

The Soprocare, manufactured by Acteon, is a revolutionary communication and diagnostic dental imaging equipment for treating periodontitis and prophylaxis.

Soprocare Acteon not only detects caries (CARIO mode), it is also the only camera that uses auto-fluorescence and selective chromatic amplification to highlight gingival inflammation and to distinguish old and new dental plaque (PERIO mode). Thanks to its high-efficiency optical system, it also offers, in DAYLIGHT mode, a unique kind of image quality.

Three operating modes in one unique camera for early detection of symptoms, a minimally invasive diagnosis, and clear and motivating communication with the patient.

The patented Soprocare Acteon concept was developed to assist the dental practitioner during prophylactic and periodontal treatment.


Why Soprocare Acteon

Dental imaging equipment should allow a patient to envisage any problem that may be affecting his/her mouth and make the patient understand what kind of treatment would be needed. Amongst all the available dental imaging equipment, the Soprocare easily tops the list.

The prophylaxis camera of the Soprocare has a great impact on the patients when they are made aware of what is happening inside the mouth. For this reason, Soprocare’s communication tool is unmatched in dental practice.

The Soprocare Acteon is also the only dental imaging equipment that exposes gingivitis.

A clinical study conducted by Arau´jo M-R, et al., demonstrated that using an intraoral camera improves the clinical, behavioral, and psychological determinants of periodontal health. Providing solutions for increase treatment acceptance, patient education, and documentation the SoproCare camera allows the hygienist educator to powerfully connect with the patient.

Educating patients with an Intraoral camera will increase the patients’ perceived need for treatment recommendations and result in a higher rate of treatment compliance. 


The Soprocare camera uses photonic/auto-fluorescence technologies that adequately brighten and expose the soft and hard tissues. The illumination in the Soprocare is carried out under a specific light wavelength that measures from 440 to 680 nanometre.

The following images produced by the camera in the Soprocare are very clear and extremely detailed which vividly shows the conditions of the soft and hard tissues.

There is also a preset focus ring that allows Soprocare to produce sharp images with no interruption or delay irrespective of the distance or object. The Soprocare’s preset is considered an excellent alternative to the inconveniences that are associated with autofocus. The images that are produced by Soprocare include macro vision, tooth, intraoral, and extraoral.

The software can store the images for easy follow-up. The Soprocare is compatible with Windows and Mac.

three-modes-of-SoprocareThe three modes

With the help of chromatic magnification, Soprocare detects the conditions in the mouth through three modes, namely, Daylight mode, Cario mode, and Perio mode.

1. Daylight mode: The daylight mode has a 100x magnification that allows the clinician and patient to see what the naked eye cannot see. The daylight mode, therefore, helps in closely monitoring the cracks and microfractures on a constant basis.

2. Cario mode: The cario mode quickly detects lesions that are active through the display of intense red color while the other images appear in black and white. Thus, the cario mode perfectly reveals whether the dentin and enamel are healthy or unhealthy.

3. Perio mode: The perio mode detects gingival inflammation by showing hues of magenta and pink. The new plagues are shown as grainy and white while the old plagues get displayed in hues of orange and yellow.

Gingivitis code

Another excellent feature of the Soprocare is the gingivitis code. The gingivitis code aims to give information that the gingivitis on a patient has not progressed to the bone. Through the gingivitis code, Soprocare bridges the gap with the insurance companies by informing them of the clinical findings. The gingivitis code of Soprocare aims to educate insurance companies so as to enable them to make a decision whether or not to provide benefits for the code.


As far as the docking station unit is concerned, both DOCK MU USB and MINI DOCK U_USB2 connect to the Soprocare via TV, Computer, and Monitor.


  • High sensitivity 1/4” CCD
  • Resolution:(752×582) PAL; (768×494) NTSC
  • Lighting: 7 LED (4 white; 3 blue)
  • Adjustments: 4 pre-set positions(Extra-oral, Intra-oral, Tooth, Macro)
  • Freeze frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option)
  • The angle of view: 70’
  • Cable length: 2.5 m
  • Dimensions of the handpiece in mm: L. 200 x W. 30 x H. 24
  • Dimensions of the useful part: l.13mm x H.8mm
  • Weight: 78g

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    SOPROCARE concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

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