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Soredex Digora Optime Imaging Plate Scanner

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DIGORA Optime is the most concise, advanced modern intraoral imaging system to date. Continuing in the footsteps of the original DIGORA, the Optime combines a 20-year legacy with the best and the latest in intraoral imaging.

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Digora Optime Imaging Plate Scanner is easy to use and provides excellent clinical results. DIGORA Optime takes usability to the next level with a clear color graphical display built right into the unit. This allows informative self-guiding tutorials and instant image evaluation right by the system.

The SOREDEX DIGORA Optime scans imaging plates automatically, with optimized images displayed in seconds. Featuring a film-like workflow, the system is easy to incorporate into any dental practice, and automatic scanning means there are no buttons to press.

5th generation DIGORA Optime unit continues the intra-oral imaging revolution started by the original DIGORA 20 years ago. The concise, easy-to-use design makes intra-oral imaging more intuitive and efficient than ever before. Uncompromising image quality, with literally no buttons pressed.


Digora Optime Imaging Plate Scanner benefits.

Easy to use

Continuing the SOREDEX tradition of easy-to-use imaging equipment, the Soredex DIGORA Optime takes usability to the next level with a clear color graphical display built right into the unit. This allows informative self-guiding tutorials and instant image evaluation right by the system.

  • Visually guided use: The DIGORA Optime supports users with clear animations. Even new users quickly learn how to use the system with little or no training required.
  • Image preview: The digitized image is displayed instantly on the unit’s display. The user can immediately verify image quality and determine if a retake is needed.
  • Smart and secure connecting: Multiconnect allows each DIGORA Optime to be shared in a controlled way with multiple workstations on the network. The interactive display simplifies operation by showing you which workstation and patient the DIGORA Optime is paired with. There is no need to have a dedicated PC next to the DIGORA Optime.

Fast and automated

You obtain the best clinical results for all diagnostic needs – with this small, smart, quickest, and easiest visually guided system on the market.

  • Fully automated workflow: The system automatically detects the size and correct orientation of the imaging plate and completely erases it in one easy step. There are no complicated cassettes, plate guides, or drums needed.
  • Touchless operation: The DIGORA Optime has a built-in motion sensor that detects your approaching hand and readies the system automatically.
  • Lightning-fast image readout: A high-quality image is displayed in just seconds.

Opti clean – Uniquely hygienic

  • Opticlean sets a new hygiene standard: The DIGORA Optime employs a unique hygiene system (Opti clean) that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, resulting in improved patient and user safety. The excellent Opticlean hygiene concept consists of the hygiene accessories, touch-free operating, and internal UV-disinfection feature of the unit. The Opticlean™ idea is protected by various patents, patent applications, and registered designs.
  • UV disinfection system: DIGORA Optime is the first intraoral imaging plate system on the market to introduce a smart and automated internal ultraviolet (UV) disinfection feature that inactivates viruses and bacteria on the plate transport mechanism *.
  • Effortless end-to-end hygienic workflow: The fully waterproof Optibag hygiene bag minimizes the risk of cross-contamination of the imaging plate. The DIGORA Optime’s touchless operation is further enhanced by using the Opticover™ protective covers. – There is never a need to touch the re-usable imaging plate. And thanks to the front-loaded system remaining closed when not in use and the compact design, the unit is straightforward to keep clean.

Excellent clinical results

  • Repeatable and reliable image quality: The DIGORA Optime automatically adjusts the gray levels of the image to enhance the diagnostic quality. This feature offers consistent results and eliminates accidental over- or underexposures without having to change exposure settings for each patient. The DIGORA Optime meets all intraoral imaging needs and provides proven, winning diagnostic accuracy *.
  • Comfort Occlusal™ imaging: Comfort Occlusal™ provides a pleasant imaging procedure for occlusal projection imaging, even with pediatric patients. The optimized size and shape of the Comfort Occlusal bite protector enable easy positioning for this sometimes tricky projection and shields the plates from wear. The Comfort Occlusal utilizes two sizes, three imaging plates, so there is no need for specialized, expensive occlusal plates.
  • Latest generation imaging plates: Latest generation of imaging plates are resistant to wear, and their wide dynamic range combined with high sensitivity to X-rays yields optimal image quality.

Designed for your practice

  • Uniquely hygienic for improved patient and user safety: The DIGORA Optime utilizes a unique Opticlean™ hygiene concept: The unit can be operated touchless. With the protective covers, imaging plates do not need to be touched. SOREDEX Optibag™ hygiene bags minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. And thanks to the compact design, the system is straightforward to keep clean.
  • Small footprint with many installation options: Ethernet connection, full daylight operation, and extremely compact design mean that the DIGORA® Optime can be installed almost anywhere. The front-loading unit can be placed on the countertop, in a cabinet, or on a shelf. The optional mounting kit allows placing the system on a wall or under a desktop.
  • Share your DIGORA® Optime between operatories with Multiconnect: Unlike USB connected systems, the DIGORA® Optime can be easily shared in a controlled way between multiple (up to eight) workstations on the local network. Network sharing is an effective and economical solution for any practice, but especially large ones.

Your best choice for digital intraoral imaging


  • Full daylight system
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Practically no under-or overexposures
  • Digital images instantly available
  • Image archiving and distribution


  • Familiar workflow and accessories from film imaging
  • All intraoral sizes available, including Comfort Occlusal 4C
  • Thin, flexible, comfortable and inexpensive imaging plates
  • 100% active area • No cables • Wider dynamic range

The latest generation of imaging plates


  • Dynamic and tough imaging plates: DIGORA Optime imaging plates have high wear resistance. With proper handling, the imaging plates will serve you time after time, making the use of the system cost-effective.
  • Comfortable for the patient, 100% active area: DIGORA Optime imaging plates and hygiene bags are very suitable for the patient. With the systems ability to read all intraoral size imaging plates (0, 1, 2, 3 and 4C), no diagnostic task is too hard. In contrast to intraoral sensors or imaging plate systems that require plate cassettes or similar adapters, the entire area of SOREDEX imaging plates is used for registering clinical information.
  • Optimized flexibility: DIGORA Optime imaging plates have a right degree of flexibility to enable easy and precise positioning with no discomfort to the patient while being rigid enough to minimize distortion.
  • Patented IDOT imaging plate identification system: Optionally available IDOT™ imaging plates have an individual marking visible on the image. The IDOT system supports quality assurance by making it possible to find the plate that was used to take a picture.


  • Digora Optime Imaging Plates – Size 0
  • Digora Optime Imaging Plates – Size 1
  • Digora Optime Imaging Plates – Size 2
  • Digora Optime Imaging Plates – Size 3
  • Starter Software
  • Power Cord
  • Cable
  • (10) Imaging Plates
  • (17) XCP Sets (Sterilized)
  • (4) x Bite Wing
  • (1) x Anterior
  • (6) x Posterior
  • (6) x Endo/Working Length

Reference Library

Digora Optime Imaging Plate Scanner BROCHURE


Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Pixel Size (selectable)30 µm (Super Resolution)
60 µm (High Resolution)
Resolution17 lp/mm
Readout Time5–10 seconds (depending on the plate size)
PC ConnectionStandard network connection (Ethernet RJ45)
Dimensions (H x W x D)152 x 227 x 308 mm (6 x 8.9 x 12.1 inches)
Weight3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)


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    Digora Optime Imaging Plate Scanner is easy to use and provides excellent clinical results.

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