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Planmeca Emerald S hyper-speed Intraoral Scanner

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Experience the precision and efficiency of the Emerald S intraoral scanner. Perfect for capturing accurate digital impressions, the Emerald S enhances your dental practice with its lightweight design and user-friendly interface. Upgrade your workflow with the Emerald S today!

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Planmeca is proud to introduce a new hyper-speed intraoral scanner with superior usability. Planmeca Emerald S is an enhanced version of the successful Planmeca Emerald, combining hyper-speed image capture with new diagnostic capabilities. The lightning-fast and exceptionally accurate scanner offer a first-class experience for both dental professional and patient.

The celebrated features of the Planmeca Emerald scanner, such as its compact size, autoclavable anti-fog scanning tips, and plug-and-play capability, continue to be the building blocks of the new Planmeca Emerald S. At the same time, the scanner has been improved with amazing new features to meet even the most demanding diagnostic needs. Scanning more than twice as fast as its predecessor, Planmeca Emerald S makes capturing digital impressions easier than ever before.

With Planmeca Emerald S, users can also take advantage of the new transillumination tip. The new Curiosity tip enables clinicians to see through the tooth and detect caries and cracks in their early stages with a radiation-free near-infrared light. Since capturing a patient’s tooth shade can be challenging, Planmeca Emerald S has also been equipped with a tooth shade assistant. The assistant simplifies the color-matching process through improved color uniformity.

Superior scanning speed

The scanner utilizes a new scanning algorithm to ease the superior scanning experience by eliminating unwanted data automatically. The scanner is also fully integrated with Planmeca devices and software, enabling an exceptionally smooth workflow for dental clinics. At the same time, the open architecture allows users to easily share their scans with colleagues and outside specialists.

“For dental professionals, Planmeca Emerald S provides both premium usability and incredible speed. For patients, this means getting to enjoy the convenience of faster treatments. I am confident that our customers will appreciate all the improvements and additional diagnostic methods that the scanner offers”, states Jukka Kanerva, Vice President of Planmeca’s Dental Care Units & CAD/CAM division.

Planmeca also had an excellent exhibition with many new product releases including the Emerald S, the new premium version of the Planmeca Emerald scanner. Similar to TRIOS, this is not a completely new product, it is instead a number of hardware and software improvements on the previous generation Planmeca Emerald scanner.

Scanning Speed with the Planmeca Emerald S is fast. This is a quick scanner and said to be faster than the Emerald.

Ergonomic and lightweight design

There are 2 different scanner heads available including an overdue smaller scanner head called the Slimline Tip and the original Emerald Scanner tip which is quite large.

It is very a lightweight scanner for its size at 235 grams

Relatively smooth but tends to have a slightly harder time picking up where it stopped compared to other scanners. Also, if the correct scanning protocol is not used for full arch scanning it has issues with correctly stitching the images. This resulted in double images and an incorrect model. Once the correct scanning protocol is used, this is all avoided.

True digital accuracy


Caries detection abilities via the new “Curiosity Tip” which uses transillumination technology. This can be utilized as an additional inter-proximal screening tool.

Major overhaul to the software and UI. This is great to see and was also overdue. The software looks a lot more modern and works very well. It is very seamless and now on the level with other competitors.

Romexis 6.0 received a number of great software additions too and has now an impressive range of different indications.

Reasons to change your Planmeca PlanScan to Planmeca Emerald S:

  • The Planmeca Emerald S is smaller and lighter
  • Ability to take fast and precise full arch scans
  • Enjoy the latest Planmeca PlanCAD® software, with new features that will improve workflow
  • Future-proof your practice with access to software updates
  • Optional SlimLine tip to easily scan smaller mouths, reach the posterior, or capture interproximal areas
  • ZERO monthly or annual subscription fees for five full years

Your purchase will include:

  • Planmeca Emerald S Scanner
  • 4 scanning tips (3 regulars, 1 slim)
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro laptop
  • 1 Color Balancer
  • Planmeca Romexis software
  • 3 different size scanner heads ( 2 in case 1 in the package )
  • 2 USB cables ( 1 in case 1 in the package )
  • Emerald in case
  • Demonstration teeth in case
  • Mount for emerald in case
  • 5 Years Warranty

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    Planmeca Emerald S is an enhanced version of the successful Planmeca Emerald, combining hyper-speed image capture with new diagnostic capabilities.

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