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EzRay Air Hand Held Intraoral X-ray system

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EzRay Air, the lightest portable intraoral X-ray system from VATECH, satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by creating stable and clear images at all times.

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Ezray Air is indisputably the most lightweight, portable wireless intraoral X-ray equipment manufactured by Vatech. Portable dental X-rays are cost-efficient, time-saving, space sensible, and stress-free making them a versatile and must-have piece of dental imaging equipment in dentistry.

Vatech’s Ezray Air, therefore, takes care of all the primary requirements in dental diagnostics by producing clear and stable images every time it is put to use.



  • Installation is not required.
  • Save cost & stay efficient.
  • Peace of mind every day.
  • Successful treatment result.
  • As safe as Your X-Ray Room.


  • Surprising Only 1.5 Kg Light Weight.
  • World’s First Nano Technology-CNT Tube.
  • Stable Condition for Positioning.
  • Protects the Operator’s Arm and Spine from pain.
  • 0.4 mm Focal Spot: High-Quality Ensured.


Weight dynamics and ergonomic design

The Ezray Air Portable weighs only 2.2 lbs, which allow for stable and secure positioning of the equipment. Since the positioning of the Ezray Air is smooth without any hindrance, it produces images that are precise and clear.

The lightweight of the Ezray Air also makes it very convenient to handle, thereby considerably reducing the time that goes into processing a full mouth scanning. By cutting down the time factor, the Ezray Air increases productivity and efficiency in the practice of dentistry.

The design of the Ezray Air is also such that, in addition to its lightweight, the equipment protects the operator from any injury or strain to the spine, arms, and wrist.

The internal and external shield

The internal shield in the Ezray Air provides optimum protection to the operator from any unforeseeable leakage in radiation. The Ezray Air’s internal shield, therefore, guarantees 100% safety to the operator of the equipment.

The external shield or external backscatter shielding scatters the radiation, which is an outcome of the interaction between the X-ray beams and the patient’s surface. The scattered radiations then bounce off in different directions, thereby considerably reducing the radiation dose of the operator.

Smart Positioning

The smart positioning in Ezray Air introduces simplicity in preparing the equipment. For the angle of each tooth, there are two default exposure options – Occlusal line and Frankfurt line. By opting for either the Occlusal or Frankfurt line, the operator can set the preferred guideline as to the tooth, and the required angle is detected automatically.

With the aid of smart positioning, the Ezray Air automatically adjusts the exposure time. The smart positioning also aids in making accurate and fast X-rays of full mouth.

The smart positioning feature of Ezray Air also comes with two optional settings – scan time setting and tooth mode setting.

Smart dial

To reduce the time taken in setting up, Ezray Air’s smart dial incorporates all the different available settings into just one dial. Therefore, the hassle that goes into remembering the concerned buttons and pressing them is done away with. With Ezray Air, the workflow is now faster and simpler.


Ezray Air provides detailed X-ray images in high resolution with a 0.4 focal spot and a tube voltage of 65kVp. The technology in Ezray Air intraoral X-ray equipment is sophisticated, making diagnosis reliable, fast, and extremely efficient.


The Ezray Air features an LCD screen that is wide enough to slot all icons and control panels. The widescreen assists in making the operation simple and fast.


Ezray Air makes use of a lithium polymer battery that is highly efficient, enabling the camera to capture more than one hundred images from a single battery charge.

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  • Weight – 1.5 Kg
  • Focal Spot – 0.4 mm
  • Voltage – 60 kV(fixed)
  • Current – 2.5 mA (fixed)
  • Exposure Time Range – 0.05 – 0.5 sec
  • Total Filtration – Min. 1.5 mm AI
  • Maximum Duty Cycle – 1:60
  • Power Input – 22.2 V
  • Battery – Replaceable
  • Line Voltage – 100-240 V + 10%

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    Ezray Air is indisputably the most lightweight, portable wireless intraoral X-ray equipment manufactured by Vatech.

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