Heron IOS Intraoral Digital Impression Scanner

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Heron IOS is a digital 3D imaging solution that brings simplicity to the beauty of your work as a medical professional with combination of reliable, durable technology, that is easy to use, and the greatest return on your investment

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Heron IOS is a digital 3D imaging solution that brings simplicity to the beauty of your work as a medical professional. One of the most ergonomic and easy-to-use scanners on the market, the Heron weighs 150 grams with a compact, streamlined design for more efficient scanning and greater patient comfort.

The Heron IOS gives you the combination of reliable, durable technology, that is easy to use, and the greatest return on your investment. Put simply: it is the best value for your money.

The Heron IOS is already widely appreciated for its unique user interface and ergonomics, which makes it the perfect choice for daily use by dental professionals worldwide.

With this next-generation software, 3disc heron has developed new and innovative technology which greatly increases scan speed and accuracy while adding even more features to support lab, restorative, and implant workflows. With this “open-source technology,” you are able to integrate seamlessly into other third-party software programs.


Heron IOS Advantages:

  • Ease of daily use and communication with the dental laboratory.
  • No activation or annual license fee required to use QuantorClinic λογισ software (2 USB dongles).
  • Free upgrades.
  • Improved communication

Heron-IOS scanner specifications

  • Sweeper:
    • Scanner dimensions:
      • Size: Length 256 mm, Width 43 mm, Height, 43 mm
    • Base dimensions:
      • Size: Length: 306 mm, Width 98 mm, Height 72 mm
    • Active stereo imaging shooting method
    • 24-bit color scanning (8-bit per channel)
    • Power cord 1.8 meters
  • Scanning procedure:
    • Tooth preparation: No powder or spray required
    • Scanning principle: constantly scans and collects depth and color data
    • Tooth-scanner distance: 0-12 mm
    • Shooting time <2.5 minutes per arc

HeronTM IOS Incident Management Software

    • Heron IOS incident management software is a very flexible scanning and order management software package included in the Heron IOS system.
    • In addition to order management and scanning, the system allows you to share information with the lab via the cloud sharing option.
    • The software is designed to be highly flexible, with a fast learning curve that offers short and easy collaboration with the lab.
    • Open-source software is one of your biggest advantages when choosing the Heron IOS system as it offers you the option to work
      on any software platform and integrate the scanner into your office and lab workflow.
    • With the ability to scan and export in STL, PLY and OBJ format to any open lab CAD software, the Heron IOS system offers you the maximum flexibility in connecting and automating your digital recording.

The 3disc Heron IOS color scanner is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Additionally, the scanner development and design are based on four important cornerstones:

  • Open architecture – With output format STL and PLY. Compatible with most dental CAD systems, ensuring maximum flexibility for lab integration.

  • Price – The exact price is not yet available, but the scanner will be at the low end of the price scale – reasonable and affordable.

  • Ease of use – With the help of a live video feed and guidance tools, the user is guided to perform a scan of the full dental arch in a workflow. The scanner itself is intuitive and extremely easy to use with its light and small design, and a rotating tip that provides the best angle for scanning.

  • Productivity – With precision, ease of use, and openness comes productivity. It facilitates automation in the dentist’s workflow, as well as great communication options both between the dentist and the lab and between the dentist and patient. A perfect impression makes a perfect fit.

Heron IOS is an optical impression system that creates digital 3D models for dental restorations. It records the tooth morphology, analog impressions, or gypsum models for use in CAD/CAM for dental restorative prosthetic devices. A ‘cradle’ holds the scanner when not in use, and each unit comes with order management software for PCs, as well as lab integration with Exocad DentalCAD.

The scanner software is set up to aid in the creation of restorations such as Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, and Veneers. It also offers premium features such as color capture, shade-matching, and a built-in heater to prevent fogging.

heron ios software


With Heron IOS, you are up and scanning right out of the box. It offers a low learning curve, and with the intuitive case management software, staff can learn the system within minutes. The scanner requires no warm-up time, which means less waiting time for patients and less time spent in the chair. And the open architecture and built-in lab communication mean you can quickly and easily send files to your lab of choice. 


Using the HeronClinic software, your team can easily navigate the intuitive, user-friendly interface to meet all your restorative, orthodontic, and implant needs. With clear workflows and a cloud sharing platform, the Heron IOS makes it easier than ever to create or browse patient cases, scan, and share with your labs.

Include Mobile Cart for 3Disc Heron IOS Color Scanner 

  • AL / CS trolley made entirely of powder-coated metal.
  • Design for an intraoral and portable scanner, with lateral support, 2m long power cable, and front wheels with brakes.
  • Monitor stand with adjustable tilt for desktop.
  • PcCom Silver Fusion Intel Core i7-9700F / 16GB / 240SSD / 1TB / GTX1650
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64Bits OEM
  • Hannspree HT248PPB 23.8 “LED FullHD Touch Monitor

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