Kulzer Cara i500 Dental Intraoral Scanner

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Kulzer Cara i500 intraoral scanner is a comprehensive digital solution that represents your ideal entry into the world of fingerprinting, thanks to its most advanced technology and features that will greatly simplify your daily work.

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Kulzer Cara i500 intraoral scanner represents your ideal entry into the world of fingerprinting, thanks to its most advanced technology and features that will greatly simplify your daily work.

Developed in partnership with Medit, Cara i500 is more than just an intraoral scanner, it’s a comprehensive digital solution. Cara i500’s cloud-based workflow management system makes the transition into digital dentistry as seamless as possible by facilitating communication and cooperation between dental office and lab.

In contrast to conventional intraoral scanners, this scanner uses two cameras from different perspectives. The result is fast, high-precision recordings. The Kulzer Cara i500 is intuitive to use, light and, thanks to its well-thought-out design, makes digital impressions convenient for dentists and patients.

The detailed images generated by the new Kulzer Cara i500, in combination with their full-color 3D color recording, allow the precise localization of the preparation margin and the differentiation between soft tissue and tooth substance.

The laboratory can also choose between different data formats (.stl, .ply or .obj). This means that all common software solutions can work with the Kulzer Cara i500. The scanner is the ideal start of the digital process chain between practice and laboratory and the perfect addition to the cara workflow.

This hand-held intraoral scanner offers an attractive entry into digital impression with advantages in accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.


Digital precision meets process reliability.

  • Scan with Kulzer i500
  • Transfer file through Medit Link to Laboratory
  • 3rd party or laboratory designs in CAD
  • Nest with cara CAM
  • Print with cara Print 4.0 and dima Print Materials (for 8 indications)
  • Wash with cara Print Clean
  • Cure with HiLite Power 3D

Make the move to digital confidently with Kulzer Cara i500

Perfectly fitting restorations require absolutely precise impressions—digital data capture helps to ensure that perfect fit. That’s why Kulzer’s new intraoral scanner, Cara i500, is the ideal partner for digital impression-taking.

Digital impression-taking made easy for the dental office:
The intraoral scanner provides an attractive entry into digital impression-taking with all its advantages in accuracy, efficiency, and productivity:
  • greater precision and improved accuracy
  • process reliability and regular software updates with low cost of ownership
  • improve patient experience and attract new patients with expanded treatment options and the ability to take impressions at any time
  • ease of use, scaling work routines, heightened efficiency
  • state-of-the-art technology at an attractive price-to-performance ratio
  • quick and easy operation—no steep learning curves
Communication and sharing made easy for the dental laboratory:
Dental technicians are increasingly moving to CAD/CAM production with additive and subtractive manufacturing. The advantages of dentists providing digital impressions include:
  • optimized digital processes for the lab
  • increased efficiency through secure communication
  • compatibility and flexibility through open STL/OBJ/PLY data format
  • a more integrated workflow—digitized data can be easily imported into any CAD software
  • significant time and cost savings—designing the restoration can begin right away, without shipping and storage requirements
  • easy and secure communication between dentist and lab

Advanced Technology 

  • Two high-speed cameras
  • High-resolution color scans
  • 3D-in-motion video technology
  • Open system Integrated and certified cloud solution

Increased Comfort 

  • Powder-free
  • Light-weight handpiece
  • Small tip
  • One-button operation
  • Intuitive software

Wide Range of Indications 

  • Single Custom Abutment
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Single Crown
  • Veneer
  • 3 Unit Implant Bridge
  • Up to 5 Unit Bridge
  • Orthodontics
  • Implant Guide
  • Diagnosis Model


The Cara i500 uses Medit Link for file transfer.

Medit’s new workflow management and communication software, Medit Link, is developed to enhance your performance. Its integrated cloud storage and open data architecture ensure that your clinic’s performance is optimized. However, everyday CAD processes with real-time workflow management and communication tools will also work.


  • Cara i500 IOS (including all accessories)
  • Kulzer Dell Laptop (MeditLink software pre-installed)
  • Kulzer installation and Service (free installation and training + 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty)
  • Extended Warranty

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