Sopix2 Digital X-Ray Sensors

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Sopix2 series digital x-ray sensors improve your daily work as it is easy to use and has an outstanding image quality. Sopix sensors surpass the limits of radiological examinations by offering greater differentiation of dental tissue.

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SOPIX2 sensor gives an outstanding picture quality, utilizing the best advancements accessible. SOPIX2 is THE answer for ideal exhibitions. SOPIX2 inside is straightforwardly coordinated into the X-Mind solidarity intraoral X-beam framework, bringing about the decrease of X-beam discharge. Patient’s prosperity is at the most astounding need.

Product description:


The structure of the SOPIX arrangement sensors is so keen. The corners are adjusted to improve persistent solace. Whiteside stripes offer high permeability of the sensor in the haziness of the mouth. They help the dental expert in accurately situating the X-beam tube opposite to the sensor. Additionally, the workplace presently turns out to be increasingly ergonomic and efficient through the reconciliation of SOPIX2 inside sensor into X-Mind solidarity intraoral X-beam framework. Set on his holder, the sensor is protected to keep from tumbling to the floor and it is in every case simple to go after ideal working solace.

Sopix2 Features:

Through this machine’s broad involvement in computerized sensors, the SOPIX arrangement improves your regular day-to-day existence by streamlining use and bringing you uncommon picture quality.

It dissects continuously the measure of X-beams aggregated by the sensor and solidifies the picture procurement when it got the radiation required to give a decent quality picture. Accordingly, it shields each picture from overexposure.

The mix of SOPIX2 inside sensor into the X-Mind solidarity intraoral X-beam framework joined with ACE innovation, permits one of a kind overall correspondence. This selective arrangement currently stops the X-Ray outflow to limit tolerant introduction. Presently, the patient just gets the essential portion adjusted to their dental morphology. Pro-innovation decreases by up to 52% of the patient’s portion contrasted with a standard presentation.

Through the one-of-a-kind information exchange between SOPIX2 inside and X-Mind solidarity, the portion gotten by the patient is currently recognizable, an upset for intraoral radiology!


Particulars: There are many specifications in this dental equipment some important are give as:

  • Innovation:  In this dental X-ray machine CMOS + scintillator + optic fibre technology used.
  • Pixel estimate:  this dental equipment’s pixel size is 20 μm x 20 μm in pixel estimate.
  • Theoretical goals: In Sopix2 theoretical resolution is 25 lp/mm

What makes SOPIX2 extraordinary?

  • Warranty of machine: 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty with Free 2-Year Extended Warranty. 
  • User-friendly: Includes User-Friendly Veterinary Specific Software that enables clients to concentrate on the creature and not the product.
  • Easy to organize: Software can be organized all through your medical clinic at no extra charge.
  • Images are sorted out utilizing the triadan numbering framework.
  • Multiple dental graphs are accessible and programming clients can tweak dental diagrams dependent on inclination.
  • Oscilloscope and PC analytic devices in programming for exact help.
  • Detailed Client Education Sheets can be printed out to demonstrate X-beams to customers.
  • Includes a group of Technical Support Specialists.
  • Free Remote Software Training.
  • Cut edged sensor configuration permits a simpler sensor arrangement when shooting the molars.
  • Works with your current X-beam or with the X-MIND Unity

The Acteon Sopix2 with Ace Technology is a direct USB sensor system that is CMOS-based. The units have rounded corners which make the sensor more comfortable for the patient. Patented Ace technology protects each image from overexposure, ensuring the first shot is always perfect and all your images are clear. Upon taking an X-Ray, Acteon’s exposure scale will immediately let you know if you are under or overexposing the patient.

Item Includes:

  • SOPRO Imaging Software included
  • FREE Shipping
  • Sensor and drivers
  • 5 Year Manufacturer warranty (Yr 1 –  comprehensive warranty and Yr 2-5 standard manufacturer warranty with 50% off retail replacement cost 
  • 30 minutes of IT Specialist Consultation for smooth integration 

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Equipped with the FIBER2PIXEL technology, SOPIX Series allows you to perfect your vision thanks to the image striking contrast. Therefore, the different tooth anatomical structures as bone, roots, pulp, appear with high precision on the picture.


Available on all SOPIX Series sensors, the ACTEON patented ACE technology freezes the image acquisition as soon as the sensor receives the energy required to produce a high-quality image.  Eliminate the risk of over-exposing the image!


Instantly obtain images with a sensor that is always ready to acquire. Quickly control the endodontic treatment for a faster and safer procedure.



  • Technology : CMOS + scintillator + optic fibre
  • Pixel size : 20 μm x 20 μm
  • Theoritical resolution : 25 lp/mm
  • Two sensor sizes :
Size 1 : 25 x 39 mm (1.50 MPixels)
Size 2 : 31 x 42 mm (2.21 MPixels)
  • Connection : USB 2.0
  • Supplied imaging software : Sopro Imaging