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Schick 33 Intraoral Sensors


Schick 33 provides industry-leading image quality that can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance


Deliver superior care with Schick 33 sensors

Schick 33 provides industry-leading image quality that can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance. Backed by expansive system choices, image enhancement capabilities and a leading service and support team, Schick 33 could very well change the way you and your patients see your entire practice.

The Schick 33 sensors integrate seamlessly with the Dentsply Sirona X-ray units and software to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics.

Benefits at a glance

The Schick 33 sensors may quickly be your favorite tools to work efficiently. What they bring to your practice is crystal-clear:

Outstanding image quality, instantly available

Schick 33 provides unprecedented resolution through technology for consistently detailed images and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Multiple options to fit in your treatment rooms

With 3 sensor sizes, multiple cables lengths, and limitless enhancement capabilities, Schick 33 is designed to suit your patients, practice and personal preference.

Robust and durable

Kevlar reinforced, silicon coated cables help keep your sensor up and running. The robust sensor interface gives you an extremely durable USB connection.

Chairside imaging

Leveraging the way you work by integrating your treatment center, your x-ray unit, and intraoral sensors.

Schick 33 has been a foundational component in creating my digital dental practice. By enhancing my dental perception, Schick diagnostics is my entry point to Galileos CBCT imaging. Schick technology withstands the test of time, 20 years later, it’s better than ever!

Dr. Anthony Ramirez, Brooklyn, NY

Simply inspiring imaging

The Schick 33 intraoral sensor provides industry-leading theoretical resolution. For consistently crisp, detailed images, no other digital sensor can compare. Featuring bold bone trabeculation, crisp lamina dura and a clear, clean DEJ, clinicians depend on Schick’s superior image quality to meet their diagnostic needs. This intraoral sensor brings an unprecedented level of clarity, sharpness, and detail to digital radiography.


33 LP/MM Theoretical Resolution

Image clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. The outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges, identifying caries and other defects. At 33 lp/mm theoretical resolution, Schick 33 delivers industry-leading resolution and quality.


Schick 33’s powerful image enhancement software also features a dynamic image enhancer that allows you to manipulate image sharpness quickly and easily. Just move the interactive image enhancer to the sharpness level you desire. It’s a simple enhancement that gives you sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. And a level of personalization that’s unbelievable—and unprecedented.


Featuring the Schick Modular Platform’s unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module-paired with powerfully simple imaging software—Schick 33 gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images.

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    Schick 33 provides industry-leading image quality that can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance.

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