Ivoclar PrograMill One Dental Milling Machine

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PrograMill One is an intelligent and very compact 5-axis milling machine. It combines industrial production quality with high precision and modern design. The device is wireless and can be operated via an app from a tablet or smartphone.

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PrograMill One is a smart and very compact 5-axis milling machine.  It combines industrial production quality with high precision and modern design. The machine is wireless and can be placed anywhere within the practice and operated via an app from a tablet or smartphone. This new interplay between man and machine means it can perfectly integrate within the practice.

PrograMill One is wireless, which enables it to be positioned anywhere within the practice or dental laboratory. It can be controlled using the mill’s corresponding app on a tablet or smartphone. An LED light ring visually informs the user about the current processing status. An innovative rotary grinding process, 5XT, produces a shorter duration of the milling process and minimal tool wear.

A camera integrated within the mill automatically records material and tool use data. Material management is more expedient than ever with PrograMill One.



PrograMill One Benefits

Digitization is changing dental technical working methods and procedures in the laboratory. New production processes and materials require new techniques and sound know-how. The PrograMill milling machines combine the latest requirements for modern dental technology with innovative materials and coordinated processes, providing the right solution for every situation.

5-Axis Turn Milling Technology (5XT):

  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Excellent fit
  • Short processing times

Simple Operation & High Automation:

  • 5-way material changer and 8-position tool changer
  • Integrated camera for a high level of automation
  • Optical Status Display

Wireless operation via the PrograMill One App:

  • Fully automatic material and tool management


  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Partial crowns, crowns
  • Bridges (up to 45 mm block length)


  • IPS e.max CAD
  • IPS e.max ZirCAD
  • IPS Empress CAD
  • Telio CAD

What makes the PrograMill One different from other mills? What is the cost? What does it mill? etc. We have summarised all available information about this new mill down below.

  • The PrograMill One is a very compact 5-axis milling machine. This means it has few limitations in regards to milling shapes. One downside is that it is currently limited to milling single units.
  • It will mill an e.max crown in 15-20 minutes. Not particularly fast, but said to mill beautiful anatomy.
  • It will only mill Ivoclar Blocks. The mandrill of these milling blocks differs from anything else on the market. This means you will be restricted to what materials are available to use in the mill. This includes IPS e.max CAD, IPS Empress CAD, and Tetric CAD.
  • It has an internal compressor and only needs the main power and network connection to operate.
  • It is made to work closely with the 3Shape Software.
  • It has a 5-block magazine and can be loaded with five restorations and mill in a row without touching the mill.

5XT – The Next Generation of Processing

The PrograMill One 5-axis turn-milling technology (5XT) provides continuous and constant tool contact that translates into a smooth surface quality with no milling lines. This unique processing strategy provides superior milling quality without compromising fit and esthetics due to the precise use of tool compensation value for undercuts – reducing over or under milling a restoration.

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