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VistaScan Perio Plus is a multi-slot scanner with input/output buffer; with its cassette transport system, it reads out and deletes up to 8 images in one step and makes the plates immediately available again. Four cassettes each with two plates are loaded in the same working step and processed in turn

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VistaScan Perio Plus image plate scanner –sure to give you more time for patients

Efficiency for work in the dental practice

VistaScan-Perio-Plus-for-saleUp to 8 images at once Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with a higher resolution to meet all diagnostic needs. More than 40 years of experience in the development of X-ray technology have led to innovative and more economical solutions.

The VistaScan Perio Plus is a multi-slot scanner with an input/ output buffer that handles up to 8 images, erases them and makes the plates available again in one single step thanks to its cassette transport system so that a half status appears on the screen in around 30 seconds. The four cassettes with two plates each are loaded and processed one after the other in one transaction.

The advantage is that the waiting times are shorter for the health care professional and the assistant, thus freeing up time for the patients. The reusable VistaScan image plates can be viewed in just seconds. The result is top quality images. Never has time been more right to switch from film to plate.

This is what counts:

  • All intraoral image plates
  • Excellent image quality
  • Up to 8 images can be seen in one go, then automatically erased ready for the next session
  • The flexible position takes up very little room
  • Easy to use
  • PC connection via USB or network

VistaScan Perio Plus The high-performance center

The VistaScan Perio Plus offers practices what is most precious to them: time and safety. It can be integrated into your practice procedures in a variety of locations – taking up as little space as a standard A4 paper sheet.

Highly effective

Any number of PC workstations can access the images with equal rights. The first image appears on the screen within seconds.

Highly compatible

In combination with our DBSWIN software, the VistaScan Perio Plus achieves optimum results. Alternatively, it can be operated with practically any standard dental imaging software package via our VistaEasy interface. It can be easily integrated into the surgery infrastructure via the USB connection or directly into the network.

High resolution

Thanks to our PCS technology, the VistaScan Perio Plus can reliably resolve caries D1 lesions and endodontic instruments down to ISO 06. With 22 lp/mm, 16 bit (65,536) grey scales.

The broad range of applications

With the VistaScan Perio Plus, all intraoral image plates – from size 0 to 4 – can be used (including occlusal). Besides, 100% of the surface area is available. Simple to use – just like with analog film.

Highly practical

The image plates are inserted and intuitively, and one cassette can take up to two plates at the same time. The reading and erasing process of the multi-slot scanner can handle up to 8 images in one go.

Excellent functions

The display with VistaScan Perio Plus shows the most critical patient details and information on the scan process at a glance. Includes energy-saving standby function.

Radiography diagnostics for our time

Faster, safer: VistaScan Perio Plus

Plan on switching from X-ray film to ‘digital’ image plate technology? Nothing could be easier. The process for carrying out the X-ray remains unchanged. More excellent safety in making the diagnosis is achieved thanks to the superb clarity and detail of the image and the well-designed software. With the multi-slot scanner, VistaScan Perio Plus, you can exploit the advantages of the Dürr Dental imaging technology, the most efficient on the market. The thin, flexible image plates are pleasant for the patient and are also long-lasting thanks to a special coating.

Excellent image quality

Current VistaScan plates can achieve an image quality of 22 lp/mm, a resolution better than X-ray film and better than the competition. The photon collecting system (PCS) by Dürr Dental is already ahead of image plate technology. Thanks to this innovative solution, you will be well-placed for future developments in terms of diagnostics. The imaging software DBSWIN shows the results with a brilliant level of quality and ensures ergonomic workflow. The VistaScan Perio Plus can also be operated with any popular third-party software.


Shorter waiting time for therapist and assistant, more time for the patient. The reusable VistaScan image plates are read out in seconds. The result: First-class images. There’s never been a better time to change over from film to plate.

  • For all intraoral formats
  • Excellent image quality
  • Up to 8 images readout, plate deleted and ready for further use in one step
  • PC interface via USB or network

Image plate scanner with PCS-technology and integrated erasure function for all intraoral formats, including Occlusal (Size 4).

USB and Ethernet connectivity, with integrated display for patient information.

VistaScan Perio Plus Includes:

power supply, EU / CH power cable, USB 2.0 cable, power cable RJ45, 1x foil cassette -Size 0- , 2 x foil cassette -Size 2-, 2 x image
Plate plus -Size 0-, 4 x image Plate -Size 2-, 100 light protection covers -Size 0-, 300 light protection covers -Size 2-, foil pad, 10 Cleaning Wipes for image plates. Incl. DBSWIN X-Ray module and VistaEasy/VistaEasyView

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