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Acteon Sopro 617 Intra Oral Camera

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SOPRO 617 Color Line has been designed to light up your working environment. It is the first intraoral camera line offered in various attractive colors! The SOPRO 617 Color line is now dressed up for your enjoyment!

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SOPRO 617 camera is now a worldwide standard for dentists who demand SOPRO image quality. The SOPRO 617 Color Line has been designed to light up your working environment.

Ever since the introduction of the Sopro 617 into the world of dentistry, it has achieved global status amongst dentists who prefer the image quality offered by Sopro.

The Sopro 617 makes use of the latest generation of LED to produce a powerful beam of light that results in developing exceptional image qualities. The Sopro 617 is the first curved dental imaging equipment that gives better access to the rear end of the teeth without making the patient feel uncomfortable or uneasy.


Acteon Sopro 617 Intra Oral Camera Features

  • Improved ergonomics

The Sopro 617 gives an expansive view of the mouth at a 105-degree angle which allows improved examination of the patient’s distal region.

  • The technology

In similar lines with the Sopro 717 First, the Sopro 617 also makes use of eight LEDs with an automatic off/on hand-piece.

There are no fiber optics in the Sopro 617 camera cable which drastically reduce the risk of the cable malfunctioning. Absence of fiber optics is a considerable advantage as replacing cables can become expensive. The lack of fiber optics also increases the portability of the Sopro 617 as there is no hassle maneuvering the camera.

The LED light in the Sopro 617, like the Sopro 717 First, has a lifespan of 10,000 hours which requires no changing. The intensity of the LED light remains constant throughout.

Since the Sopro 617 has eight LED lights, it emits more light resulting in unrivaled image clarity.

  • Fixed focus

The aspheric lens in the Sopro 617 delivers the highest image quality without any distortion.

The Sopro 617 has a broad depth of field ranging from 5mm to infinity that can incorporate images from one tooth to portrait view. Because of this reason, the focus needs no adjustment while maneuvering the camera inside the mouth.

The fixed focus of the Sopro 617, therefore, always produces clear focussed images. Another excellent feature of this fixed focus is that the camera can be operated only with one hand.

  • Camera hand-piece

The Sopro 617 features a compact camera hand-piece with all the electronics assembled inside the hand-piece. The compact feature, therefore, safeguards the electronic component inside the plastic case and increases the durability of the Sopro 617.

  • Sopro Touch

The Sopro Touch feature imbibed in the Sopro 617 allows the images to stay fixed on the screen by just touching the touch sensor lightly. The Sopro Touch feature creates no movement while capturing the image, thereby resulting in the production of sharp images.

  • Camera connection

The Sopro 617 camera connects with DOCK MU USB and MINI DOCK U_USB2 docking stations.

The DOCK MU USB docking station has both digital and analog connections while the MINI DOCK U_USB2 docking station has a digital connection only.

  • Screen

The Sopro 617 is easily compatible with TV, Monitor, and Computer. Docking station MINI DOCK U_USB2 is compatible only with a computer, but DOCK MU USB is compatible with all TV, Monitor, and Computer.

  • Software

The Sopro 617 is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Almost all dental imaging software supports Sopro 617 via USB or analog connections.

The impressive Sopro 617 combines the latest in LED lighting technology with superior optics to provide sharp, distortion-free images. Add elegant, ergonomic design, plus a highly competitive price, and you have one of the best values in intraoral cameras today.

• Known for its versatility, compatibility, and safety
• Fixed-focus and a large depth of field
• Unmatched lighting system composed of the latest generation LEDs
• The rounded shape and extremely reduced dimensions of the camera head improve patient comfort while preventing any trauma to the patient’s mouth


Reference Library

Acteon Sopro 617 Intra Oral Camera BROCHURE

Technical Specifications:


  • High sensitivity ¼” CCD.
  • Resolution: (752 x 582) PAL; (768 x 494) NTSC.
  • Definition: 470 lines.
  • Sensitivity: 2 lux.
  • Lighting: 8 LED.
  • Adjustment: auto-focus.
  • Non-inverted image.
  • Freeze Frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option).
  • The angle of view: 80°.
  • Cable length: 2.5m (option: 5 and 7m).
  • Size of the handpiece: L.205mm x W.28mm x H.24mm.
  • Size of the distal part: W.16.5mm x H.10.8mm.
  • Weight: 55g.
Dock USB2
• One digital USB2 output.
• Size of the dock: L.100mm x l. 46mm x H. 20mm.
• Weight of the dock: 165g.


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    SOPRO 617 camera is now a worldwide standard for dentists who demand SOPRO image quality.

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