VistaScan Combi View Image Plate Scanner

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VistaScan Combi View screen easy-to-use user interface mounted to the view, intuitively, efficient, can be digitally processed the X-ray image of the imaging plate in a short time. Not only is the operation simple, but a compact body that takes up less space can also be installed in the clinic.

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VistaScan Combi View – efficiency without compromise

The image plate scanner with a touchscreen for all formats

The new VistaScan Combi View, image plate scanner, enables the intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitization of image plates for both intraoral and extraoral formats. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen and easy-to-use user interface contribute to this. Thanks to the integrated wireless LAN functionality, the device is exceptionally flexible.

VistaScan Combi View benefits:

  • Highest image quality
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • ScanManager for optimum surgery workflow
  • For all intraoral and extraoral formats
  • Table-mounted or (optional) wall-mounted
  • PC connection via WLAN/LAN
  • Work possible even without a PC

VistaScan Combi View is the new standard for intraoral and extraoral formats

The VistaScan Combi View enables the scanning of all intraoral and extraoral image plate formats. Handling is as secure as for analog film.

Stand-alone mode

The VistaScan Combi View can also work independently, and you can still scan and save X-ray images even if the IT network is down. The images are stored temporarily in the internal memory and are transferred to the database later on. If necessary, the images can be displayed on the high-resolution screen.

Intuitive controls – optimum workflow

The convenient user interface enables the secure operation of the VistaScan Combi View – by hand or with the provided stylus. In addition to other functions, it gives lots of information to support the workflow. Preset scan modes enable quick and reliable scanning.

Wi-Fi functionality

The integrated wireless functionality allows the VistaScan Combi View to be easily integrated into an existing network and positioned in a space-saving fashion thanks to a wall-mounted installation option. Naturally, there is also a LAN interface.

ScanManager – for even more efficient work

You can send scan jobs to the scanner from any work station. You then select and start the required task on the scanner by touching the screen. Afterward, the image is automatically sent to the requesting PC. There‘s no need to wait around near the device.

Convenient touchscreen

The 4,3“high-resolution touchscreen can display 16.7 million colors and provides excellent image quality. The preview function for the scanned image allows X-ray results to be quickly checked.

Excellent image quality

Thanks to PCS technology, the VistaScan Combi View can reliably detect D1 caries lesions and endo instruments up to ISO 06.


The easy switch from film to image plates

Dürr Dental‘s image plate technology makes it unbelievably easy to switch to a digital workflow. This is thanks to the wide range of formats the Durr Dental VistaScan Combi View allows you to process on a single device. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from those for analog film, there‘s not anything new to learn. Even for panoramic or cephalometric X-rays, you replace the X-ray film with an image plate.

The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for both the surgery team and the patients: It is more accessible to position and sits more comfortably in the patient‘s mouth. Once the image has been taken, it appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. Thanks to an integrated re-setting function, the durable image plate is then immediately ready to be used again.

Optimum workflow

The level of detection of details achieved by the VistaScan image plates is superior to that of X-ray film and other image plate systems. This provides dentists with a sound basis for making a reliable diagnosis. The DBSWIN imaging software provides help in this regard and ensures ergonomic work processes. The VistaScan Combi View can even be used with other standard software if necessary.

Intraoral from S0 to S4

In intraoral mode, up to four image plates can be read in at the same time. The secure feeding system ensures simple handling and durable image quality.

VistaScan Combi View Image Plate Scanner Delivery Includes:

  • VistaScan Combi View Image Plate Scanner, with PCS-technology and integrated erasing function, for all conventional dental formats (Intra, Pan, Ceph 18 x 24).
  • Wireless LAN and Net connection with high-resolution touch display for Scan Manager, patient information, and image preview.
  • Power cable, LAN cable, SD-card, Stylus,
  • Mobile working with PC possible,
  • 2 x image plates plus size 0,
  • 4 x image plates plus size 2, each with matching foil cassettes,
  • 100 light protection covers plus for size 0,
  • 300 light protection covers plus size 2,
  • 1 x storage racks for foil cassettes sizes 0 – 4,
  • Ten cleaning wipes for image plate,
  • DBSWIN X-ray module and VistaEasy/TWAIN

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Technical characteristics:

Product sales nameVista scan combination view
Product No2151-05
VoltageAC 100 V 50/60 Hz
power consumption<120W
Dimensions (width / height / depth)38 × 63 × 41 cm
weight21 kg
security4 years
Connection to PCLAN / Wireless LAN
Dynamic rangeFull 16 bits, 65.535 gray tones
Reading pitch12.5 μm
Pixel size (minimum pixel size)12.5 μm × 12.5 μm
Actual maximum resolution on imaging plate
( depending on installation environment)
22 LP / mm, 1100 dpi
Theoretically the highest resolution possible40 LP / mm, 2000 dpi
Image reading systemPCS Photon Collecting System
(Dur Dental patented)
IP formatAll formats of dental including occlusal:
size 0 for children 22 x 35 mm
size 1 middle size (child’s bite wing) 24 x 40 mm
size 2 standard 31 x 41 mm
size 3 byte wing 27 x 54 mm
size 4 occlusal 57 x 76 mm
panorama: 150
x 300 mm cephalo : 8 x 10 inches (203 x 254 mm)
Reading timeDental standard size: 10 seconds (high speed), 15 seconds (standard speed)
panorama: 19 seconds (high speed), 24 seconds (standard speed)
Cepharo: 26 seconds (high speed), 32 seconds (standard speed)
Eraser for imaging plateBuilt-in to this unit: The
imaging plate is erased with the LED during scanning
Common nameComputed Radiograph (Installation Management Medical Equipment) (Special Section)
Medical device approval number226AGBZX00006000
Manufacturer and distributorYoshida Co., Ltd. Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 7-6-9
ManufacturerDÜRR DENTAL SE (Germany)


DBSWIN software (included): Dental clinic unit licensing of patient chart module, Schaukasten module and radiography moduleThis dedicated software was developed to maximize Vistascan functionality and achieve high image quality. You can easily manage medical records and image processing.Click here for details
Used by iPad tabletCall the image of the selected chart on the iPad Click here for details
Other software you useYou can use the following software by using
VistaEasy software or TWAIN driver: ○ CliniView 6.115 or more
○ Kodak Trophy 4 or more
○ Sirona Sidexis
○ Gendex VixWin 1.5 or more or Platinum
○ Other software that meets the TWAIN standard