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KaVo Scan eXam One

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Kavo Scan eXam One is The perfect One for all intraoral purposes to covers a wide range of your diagnostic needs. Kavo Scan eXam One is Fast and reliable digital intraoral imaging.

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KaVo Scan eXam One is Fast and reliable digital intraoral imaging with all intraoral purposes to covers a wide range of your diagnostic needs.

KaVo Scan eXam One system is intended to be used by the dentist and other qualified dental professionals to process x-ray images exposed to the imaging plates from the intraoral complex of the skull.

KaVo Scan eXam One Highlights & Advantages​

  • Easy to operate
  • Superb results in an instant
  • Chairside or shared use
  • Attractive design with five colors

Phosphor plate scanner comfortable, fast, and easy to use and integrate.

  • Screen with the patient’s name and system information.
  • Hygienic concept patented: hygienic protectors that prevent cross-contamination of the plate. The non-contact process protects the phosphor plate from scratches and fingerprints to extend the life of the plate.
  • Higher hygiene: automatic plate feeding, equipment, and operator do not come into contact.
  • Speed: reading images in 5 – 8 seconds. Accelerates the entire process and offers clear, sharp and clinically balanced intraoral images, which reduces the waiting time for professionals and patients.
  • Prepared at all times to acquire instant images when the computer is turned on.
  • Automatic clearing of the phosphor plate.
  • Reusable plates available in all usual sizes (0, 1, 2, 3) for better positioning.



Advanced digital image processing provides consistent images time after time. Excellent image quality can already be achieved using factory configurations that can still be adjusted easily according to the dentist’s diagnostic preferences.


Clear and sharp KaVo Scan eXam One intraoral images reproduce grey levels accurately to show the required diagnostic information even in the smallest details. Just insert the imaging plate.


The re-useable imaging plates of the KaVo Scan eXam system provide an easy-to-learn and comfortable workflow. The entire process from reading the image to display on the screen takes only seconds. The system can be operated in a normal daylight environment, with no chemicals needed.


KaVo Scan eXam One is a perfect choice as your personal chairside X-ray imaging solution. It can also be easily shared with multiple users in a network. The KaVo Scan eXam One requires little space and looks great! Select from five colors, whichever matches your practice design.

Dental Excellence in every area.

  • Practice equipment

KaVo treatment units and lights, dental chairs, patient communication systems, dental microscope, and additional operatory accessories.

  • Instruments

Dental straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, air polishing systems, and small equipment for all application areas including diagnosis, prophylaxis, restorative, surgery, endodontics and instrument care.

  • Imaging

Intraoral X-ray equipment, sensors, and imaging plate systems, panoramic and cephalometric in combination with CBCT, as well as dedicated CBCT devices for every indication in dentistry.


Dental CAD/CAM solutions for premium aesthetic, natural-looking and long-lasting restorative work, suitable for dentists and dental technicians.

Technical Specifications

  • Technology: Reusable imaging plate(Photo Stimulable Phosphor plate)
  • Pixel size: 30 μm / 60 μm, selectable
  • Scanning resolution: 17 lp/mm
  • Image bit depth:16 bit
  • Connection: Standard network connection(Ethernet RJ45), DHCP
  • Dimensions: 168 mm x 233 mm x 328 mm
  • Weight; 4 kg (8 lbs)
  • Operating voltage; 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating system; Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


  • 2 image plates Size 1
  • 2 imaging plates size 2
  • 1 sanitary covers and bite protection (200 pcs.)
  • 1 Speicherfolienbox
  • one network cable 3m
  • incl X software CliniView 2D/3D. 11 (1x Computer + 9x network license) Up to 4 users can access the system in the network
  • 2-year guarantee!
  • storage box for safe, ready-to-use storage
  • Plus test specimen!
  • Plus computer equipment!
  • 4 x TWAIN license

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    KaVo Scan eXam One is Fast and reliable digital intraoral imaging with all intraoral purposes to covers a wide range of your diagnostic needs.

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