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Sopro 717 First Intraoral Camera

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The Sopro 717 First allows you to go beyond the limits of human vision while casting off bulky accessories. Sopro 717 First is a fixed-focus camera that offers instant, adjustment-free focusing with a great depth of field in 3 discrete ranges.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Image magnification up to 115 times in Macro mode
  • Exceptional image quality
  • A successful image captured with SOPROTOUCH
  • Fully integrates into any dental chair
  • Compatibility with a video screen and/or a computer

Product Key Benefits:

  • Shift to High-Tech Mode: The sleek innovative design incorporates an extremely thin distal part for better access along with a highly sophisticated optical system providing exceptional image quality.
  • A Success From Any Point of View: SOPRO 717 First’s great depth of field means you obtain a sharp image in seconds no matter which mode is chosen. Perfect illumination is achieved with eight LEDs.
  • Discover Macrovision: Macrovision is the major advantage offered by the SOPRO 717 First. It extends way beyond the limitations of the human eye, giving a magnified view of up to 115 times. One simple procedure and the infinitely small appears before your eyes!

Sopro 717 First Main Characteristics

The Sopro 717 First is a top of the line dental imaging equipment with an LED extra and intraoral camera. The Sopro 717 First also comes with a Macro DOF (Depth of Field) setting which produces Macrovision with magnification extending up to a stunning 115 times.

Simply stated, the Sopro 717 First is a piece of portable dental imaging equipment that amalgamates halogen image quality with the most exceptional features of an LED camera to produce superior image quality.


The Sopro 717 First camera features eight spectacular LEDs which offers the following benefits:

  • More brightness whose illumination is the same as a halogen camera.
  • The thin camera head allows easy accessibility to the rear molars.
  • The camera cable does not feature fiber optics which reduces weight, increases the intensity of light, and enhance the portability of the camera.
  • A whopping 10,000 hours of lifespan whose light intensity remains constant and there is no requirement to change the LEDs.
  • Sopro 717 First also features an automatic on/off option. The camera remains OFF while kept in the hand-piece holder when using a Mini Dock U_USB2, MU_USB or DOCK MUSB, and it automatically turns on when the hand-piece is picked up from the holder.

Camera hand-piece

All the electronics in the Sopro 717 First comes assembled in the hand-piece. The portability of the camera hand-piece is simply unmatched which is further enhanced by the lightweight.

Fixed Focus

The Sopro 717 First features three preset focal positions, namely – Portrait, Intraoral, and Macro. This preset means that the focal need not be adjusted while maneuvering the camera inside the mouth.

  • The Portrait mode has a focus ranging from 30mm to infinity and is ideal for smile, lower and upper arch, and the full face.
  • The Intraoral mode has a focus ranging from 5mm to 30mm which makes it suitable for one to four teeth.
  • The Macro mode has a focus ranging from 0mm to 5mm. The magnification extends up to a stunning 115 times for focusing on eroding margins, details of the fine tooth, and failing restorations.

The fixed focus brings with it a lot of advantages such as using only one hand to operate the camera, exceptional clarity of image, and the image is always on focus.

Capture button

Unlike other cameras, the Sopro 717 First comes equipped with the ‘Sopro Touch’ sensor whose functions are akin to the touch screen sensor of a laptop. The Sopro Touch makes capturing images easy, and the images are always sharp as there is no movement while capturing the image.


The Sopro 717 First is compatible with TV, monitor, and computer. The docking stations include DOCK MU_USB, DOCK MU-USB or Mini Dock U_USB2, and DOCK MU USB.


The Sopro 717 First is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The Sopro 717 First is compatible with any dental imaging software and uses USB or analog connections. The compatibility of the Sopro Touch is versatile as it can function with almost any packages that are available commercially.


  • Sopro 717 First
  • Dock M Video
  • Dock USB2
  • Windows CD
  • MAC

Reference Library

Sopro 717 First Intraoral Camera Brochure


– Seamless integration with A-dec 500, A-dec 300, and Radius-style delivery systems
– New generation LED technology
– Very large depth of field: focus from 1-mm macro to infinite
– Analog and digital (USB 2.0) compatibility
– Capture images from camera or A-dec delivery system foot control
– Easily removes from tubing for convenient sharing between operatories
– Lightweight at only 2.7 oz (77 g)
– Easy to clean
– High sensitivity ¼” CCD
– Resolution:(752×582) PAL; (768×494) NTSC
– Definition: 470 lines
– Sensitivity: 2 lux
– Lighting: 8 “New Generation” LEDs
– Adjustment: 3 pre-set positions (extraoral, intraoral, macro)
– Non-inverted image
– Angle of view: 70°
– Cable length: 2.5 m
– Size of the handpiece: 200 mm x 28 mm x 24 mm
– Size of the distal part: .13 mm x 8 mm

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