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VistaCam iX HD Intraoral Camera

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VistaCam iX HD Intraoral camera with the interchangeable head system, autofocus, and real HD image quality.

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What is the VistaCam iX HD?

VistaCam iX HD comes with Multi-head camera system, delivers vivid and brilliant images With its unrivaled high resolution and the new autofocus.

One of the most famous names in the world of intraoral camera equipment is the vistacam ix hd. It has made a name for itself in the dental industry owing to its extensive use of innovation. The innovation is in both its software and hardware, and the versatility it provides is one amongst the best.

The highlights of the VistaCam iX HD Intraoral Camera includes five interchangeable heads, harmless infrared emission, superb software analysis, High definition image output, and award-winning design. All these factors combine to make the vistacam ix hd a piece of powerful dental imaging equipment for detecting dental caries, plaques, and other oral-related queries.


  • Intraoral camera with the interchangeable head system, autofocus, and real HD image quality.
  • Brilliant HD image quality even in video mode
  • Autofocus for intraoral, extraoral and macro images
  • Software analysis to detect caries lesions and to visualize plaque by using the fluorescence effect
  • Support for diagnosing approximal caries without exposure to radiation, thanks to infrared technology

What makes the vistacam ix HD special?

There are numerous innovations, features, and technological advancements, which makes the vistacam ix hd special. Let us discuss in detail what they are.

  1. Excellent image output: The first thing to know about the vistacam is that it comes equipped with a high-resolution camera which provides High Definition image outputs. This is made possible due to its high-quality camera hardware and the inclusion of advanced software analysis.
  2. Multiple imaging options: This can be regarded as the standout feature of the vistacam, as it comes equipped with five different interchangeable heads. The heads include a cam head for taking high-quality intraoral pictures and videos, a macro head with 120x magnification for making highly detailed images, a Poly head with LEDs for light curing, a Proof head for detecting plaques and caries lesions and a Proxi head for detecting proximal caries.
  3. Ergonomic design: The vistacam ix hd, in addition to all its innovative features and technology, carries an equally innovative design. The vistacam has been designed to offer ease of use, and efficiency. Its heads are easily interchangeable, and the button placements are easy to reach and operate.
  4. Great software and connectivity: The vistacam utilizes the best in modern technology to ensure an easy to use user interface and connectivity. It uses USB 2.0 for transferring data as well as for powering it and also supports multiple users.

dürr dental vistacam ix hdWhy should you get the VistaCam iX HD?

  1. The vistacam comes packed with a ton of innovative and superb features, as such there are numerous reasons why you should get it. The best ones are as follows.
  2. The vistacam ix hd’s camera comes equipped with a high-quality camera which can capture both images and videos in full HD. It also comes coupled with excellent software, which further enhances its overall quality.
  3. The vistacam ix hd’s versatility is top notch since it comes with five different heads. All these heads have their specific function, thus providing excellent usability.
  4. The vistacam has an award-winning design, thus carrying an ergonomic design which is extremely user-friendly.
  5. Safety is also another reason why you should get the vistacam ix hd. This is because it utilizes infrared radiation for diagnosis instead of x rays, which tend to have side effects.


The vistacam ix hd has proven itself to be high dental imaging equipment, going by the amount of innovation, features, and technology it carries. The great thing is that all these come together in a compact and appealing design, making the vistacam an excellent value for money intraoral dental imaging equipment.

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VistaCam iX HD Intraoral Camera Brochure


  • Connections USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 compatible)
  • Multi-user application Plug & play
  • Activation Via button located on handpiece (optionally at top or bottom as desired)
  • Handpiece weight 70 g
  • Handpiece length 200 mm
  • Cable length 2.5 m (optional extension up to 19 m via active holder with USB hub and repeater cable)
  • Power supply USB (5 V)
  • Sensor High-performance CMOS Sensor
  • Driver Uses standard Windows drivers, NO additional drivers needed
  • Resolution 1280 pixels (H) x1024 pixels (V)
  • Illumination 2 LEDs each for Proof (405 nm, violet) and Proxi (850 nm, infrared)
  • Optical system Multiple lenses with protective glass

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    VistaCam iX HD comes with Multi-head camera system, delivers vivid and brilliant images With its unrivaled high resolution and the new autofocus.

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