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CS 7600 Carestream Image Plate System


Carestream CS 7600 quickly delivers high-quality intraoral images each and every time it’s used. Access your first image in as little as five seconds, or scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just minutes to receive the high-resolution images you need to make confident diagnoses.

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CS 7600 Carestream Image Plate System is the world’s 1st intelligent plate imaging system. With the fully automated and secure x-ray workflow of the CS 7600, you get all the options you need to generate outstanding images.

The CS 7600 Carestream Dental from Universadent sets a new standard in dental imaging, offering an unparalleled streamlined workflow in addition to all the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images. Featuring exclusive Scan & Go technology*, this brilliant system automates tasks and combines speed, usability, and quality to form one incredibly versatile and compact solution that is ideal for any practice.

Benefit from a truly automated and secure workflow

As easy as a film with all the benefits of digital, the Carestream offers the best of both worlds. You will appreciate the simplicity of the simple film-like workflow while the intuitive software allows you to view high-quality intraoral images in as little as five seconds. But what makes this system truly unique is its ability to electronically embed the plates with information such as your patient’s name and tooth number before the exam so that when scanned, images are automatically routed to the proper computer and patient file. This eliminates plate mix-ups and reduces operation time, making the entire process easier and incredibly efficient. Nearly automated.

CS 7600 Carestream benefits:

  • Outstanding image quality, speedy results
  • Intelligent Smart Plates and Scan & Go technology reduce mix-ups, confusion, and mistakes
  • A genuinely automated and secured workflow increases practice productivity
  • Familiar film-like workflow minimizes the learning curve
  • Thin, flexible plates with no cables are smooth to position and come in the same sizes as film
  • Fast, intelligent workflow

The Carestream CS 7600 offers a simple workflow that integrates smoothly into any practice – quicker and more efficiently than ever. Simple to use, the CS 7600 Carestream is designed to not only improve your work experience but the patient experience as well. This exclusive technology provides results in seconds, drastically reducing the wait time for both you and your patients.

The intelligent plates have a special chip that electronically attaches patient information to the associated images, making it possible to scan plates at your convenience, reducing the risk of human error and increasing your peace of mind.

Identify, Capture, Scan

Delivering fast, consistently high-quality results, the CS 7600 Carestream provides everything you’d expect from a high-performance intraoral plate system and much more. Following a simple workflow, the optional Scan & Go technology allows you to identify the plates before the exam uniquely.

Then during scanning, the system automatically recognizes the images and sends them to the appropriate computer and patient file for review. Plates can be scanned in any order with minimal user intervention, and are then automatically erased for reuse. With proper handling, these durable, scratch-resistant plates can be used hundreds of times.

Available for anyone, anytime

The CS 7600 Carestream was designed with convenience, security, and productivity in mind. For one, there’s no longer a need to reserve the unit or block it from others when scanning. Multiple users can use the system for various patients at the same time, anytime. It’s always available, so there is no more bottlenecks – just evident uptime. And thanks to the unit’s built-in memory, you can continue scanning plates even when the patient’s file is not opened, your computer is switched off or during a network failure.

The system also supports batch scanning and simplifies switching between patients. Using Scan & Go technology, plates can be mixed between patients or between users – the images still get sent to their proper end location. This technology is especially convenient when scanning a full mouth series or for a multi-operator practice. Not only do you eliminate mix-ups and avoid having to scan plates in any specific order, but you also no longer have to manually drag and drop images to the right position on your computer. The system does it for you.

Outstanding image quality in seconds

With up to 17LP/mm correct resolution, the CS 7600 Carestream delivers the high image quality you need for a confident diagnosis. The plate’s more extensive exposure range eliminates over-or underexposure and three scanning modes (super high resolution, high resolution, and high speed) ensure that you get your desired image every time. With just one click, you can even enhance images using anatomic filters.

Carestream CS 7600 is also amongst the fastest plate imaging systems available today. The first image can be viewed in as little as five seconds, and a full mouth series is scanned and displayed in just a few minutes.

Easy, user-friendly operation

Offering a minimal learning curve, the CS 7600 puts the features of advanced digital technology right at your fingertips to deliver faster, more consistent results. The system automatically detects when a plate is inserted incorrectly, and a built-in color monitor provides clear easy-to-follow instructions and error messages. Meanwhile, the image preview function offers instant feedback on the progress and success of the exams so that you don’t have to go back and forth to and from your computer.

Works for any practice

The CS 7600 can be used chairside or shared between multiple operatories in a central room, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for both small and large practices alike. The compact size of the unit allows you to put it where it works best for your practice, whether it is on a desktop or mounted on the wall. And because of the Smart Plate hygienic sheaths, image capture and scanning can be done in any standard light environment.

The system connects directly to the network, so installation is easy, and multiple exam rooms can share one or more units. The Ethernet connectivity enables instant access to images from any networked PC in the practice

Intuitive software, simple image sharing

Whether used as a standalone program or integrated with your practice’s management solution, the Kodak dental imaging software serves as the control panel for all our digital imaging systems. It can be easily integrated and is simple to use, which makes image analysis quick and easy.

With its powerful image processing tools and user-friendly interface, the software makes image settings and review intuitive. It also facilitates image sharing with colleagues and insurance companies, and the persuasive radiographs enhance patient communication and the acceptance of treatment recommendations.

The scanner, scans dental X-ray Phosphor Plate size 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. For size 0 you will need designated size 0 plates for CS-7600

• There is an option to get the scanner with a laptop with all software installed and ready to use, for it please contact us •

CS 7600 includes:

  • 1. CS-7600 scanner
  • 2. 1x Size 1 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
  • 3. 4x Size 2 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
  • 4. 1x Size 3 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
  • 5. Plates adapter size 0 + 1, 2, 3
  • 6. Plates adapter size 4
  • 7. 200pcs size 2 barrier bags
  • 8. 200pcs size 0 barrier bags
  • 9. Scanner GO device (NOT tested).
  • 10. Plates Box.
  • 11. Power supply.
  • 12. All the required cables.
  • 13. Scanner driver software CD

Reference Library

CS 7600 Carestream Image Plate System Brochure


Imaging plate scanning resolution*
• Super high resolution 17 LP/mm
• High resolution 14 LP/mm
• High speed 8 LP/mm
Imaging plate sizes Size 0 – 22 mm x 35 mm
Height x width (mm) Size 1 – 24 mm x 40 mm
Size 2 – 31 mm x 41 mm
Size 3 – 27 mm x 54 mm
Size 4 – 57 mm x 76 mm
Power supply 100–240 V (ac), 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A
System dimensions 266.5 mm H, 236.6 mm W, 259.4 mm D
Weight Approx. 6 kg
* LP/mm: Line pairs per millimeter
(measured on grid resolution target, in scan direction)

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    CS 7600 Carestream Image Plate System is The world’s 1st intelligent plate imaging system.

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