iTero Element 2 Intraoral Dental Scanner

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iTero Element 2 intraoral scanner communicates seamlessly with external treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chairside milling, and laboratory CAD/CAM systems. With faster processing and clearer imaging, Element 2 transforms your digital workflow and your chairside consults, so you can help your patients visualize their new smiles – and say yes to treatment.

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iTero Element 2 scanner delivers faster scan processing, enhanced ergonomics, and high-definition color imaging, making it the perfect partner for modern practice. Experience the next generation. Next-gen computing means faster scan processing and quicker start-ups. Two times faster start-up than the current iTero Element. Expanded 21.5″ widescreen delivers better visualization. Integrated battery for uninterrupted scanning. Ergonomic, centered cradle provides easy wand access.

The iTero Element 2 scanner is one of the most innovative advancements in orthodontic technologies. The device uses optical scanning and lasers to capture the surfaces and shape of the teeth in a digital image. The scanner captures hundreds of thousands of laser points each second to create a precise digital model of your entire mouth. This allows the orthodontist to deliver accurate treatment results.

Getting fitted for Invisalign using the iTero scanner is safe, reliable, and comfortable for the patient. If you’re concerned about getting traditional dental impressions, the iTero Scanner is an ideal treatment for you.


How iTero Element 2 works

The iTero Element 2 scanner is a painless process with no radiation or x-rays involved. Your dentist will use a handheld optical wand to digitally scan your teeth and gums. It takes around two or three minutes and, unlike traditional impression trays, you can stop and start as often as you like, ensuring your complete comfort throughout.
To find out more about how digital scans could make your impressions easier and more comfortable, call our friendly team today or call in for a free demonstration.


  • Fast, Real Colours, Calibration Free
  • 16:4 Wide 21,5” Touchscreen for Ease of Use
  • Powerful & Fast Images Processing
  • Integrated Battery for Uninterrupted Scanning
  • Restorative Software
  • Orthodontic Software & Connectivity (Invisalign)
  • Digital Smile Design Integration for Aesthetics & Orthodontics
  • iTero TimeLapse Technology Tool to Visualise Oral Health Changes Over Time
  • Occlusal Clearance Tool for Tooth Preparation Analysis
  • Technical & Clinical Support
  • Unlimited Cloud Based Scan Storage
  • Provides open STL files for Third-Party Software
  • Chairside CAD and Milling Connectivity
  • Restorative Lab Connectivity
  • Orthodontic Lab Connectivity

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

Orthodontists use the iTero Scanner to provide the best service to patients who want Invisalign. The scanner results provide 7x less fitting issues for Invisalign patients and 10x fewer rejections. You can be sure that each set of aligners will fit your teeth without discomfort, so you can focus on straightening your teeth without having to deal with teeth, gum or jaw pain.

The iTero Scanner also helps to ensure that your aligners are created faster. The machine allows for ClinCheck setups that are three times quicker. This means that your images are sent to the Invisalign manufacturer so your customized aligners can be created and mailed to our office. Since teeth straightening is likely something patients have been looking forward to for a while, an orthodontic practice that offers efficient treatment is appealing.

With the iTero Element 2 scanner, orthodontists can make adjustments to digital impressions to make sure you get the aligners you need to improve your smile. The scanner also gives orthodontists the ability to easily project corrections and extractions.

In addition to getting impressive results, the device also provides an Invisalign Progress Assessment so orthodontists and patients can see how well Invisalign treatment is working. Since everyone’s Invisalign treatment plan is different, it’s important to have a device in-office that can provide quick

Benefit from digital workflows for all your treatments: Digitise Your Practice!

  • Optimize your Restorative Workflows with dental laboratory and chairside system connectivity
  • Plan your Orthodontic Treatments with Invisalign clear aligners
  • Create Facially-Driven Smile Designs and aligners through DSD App integration
  • Go beyond what the eye can see with the near-infrared imaging (NIRI) Caries Detection Aid Technology
  • Detect and monitor oral change overtime with iTero TimeLapse Technology
  • Improve your Guided Surgery Planning with highly accurate 3D models in real colors

iTero Element 2 – experience power & speed

  • Quick start-up and fast scan processing
  • Expanded 21.5” touch widescreen delivers great visualization
  • Integrated battery for uninterrupted scanning
  • Ergonomic, centered cradle provides easy wand access
  • Stunning 3D models in real colors for chairside consults


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This is for the HD touch screen and the wand only.

The standalone wheel stand included

I talked to itero, and they said depending on the subscription, you can get a 1 – 5 year warranty.


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